Marcelo Paz on Vojvoda at Fortaleza in 2023: ‘I think he wants to stay’ – Play

The president Marcelo Pazof Strengthparticipated in the sports program “1st Half Play” this Friday (26) and commented on the stay of the Argentine coach Juan Pablo Vojvoda in 2022 and the desire for renewal for 2023. The manager believes that the commander can give preference to the club for next year.

“The first step is on the field, to guarantee the permanence and the calendar. We can have the Sudamericana, it is possible, it may go up to 15th position, like last year. Second, the commission. I told him (Vojvoda) the desire, but we have to wait. He knows about our desire, I think he wants to stay, the story of the project seduces him. Yesterday he was looking at the CT hotel, we thought about structure together with him. Now lives in Porto das Dunas. We want him to stay. It is natural, in a negotiation, to give preference to Fortaleza”.

Marcelo Paz

President of Fortaleza

With requests even from the fans for a change of command, Paz bet on the sequence of Vojvoda, went to the market in search of reinforcements, released athletes and evolved in the Brasileirão: Fortaleza has 100% in the return. The manager explained that the movement exists because he trusts the coach.

“Vojvoda has delivered on all goals since it arrived here, all [….] How not to appreciate it? A guy who delivered all the goals and there weren’t a few. I heard a lot: ‘it’s the end of the cycle’, ‘Peace, with gratitude in football’, ‘everyone knows how we play’. They took Serie A from last year and compared it to this year. I venture to say that any team in Brazil would have made a change, and it’s not wrong, Flamengo changed and improved a lot, with the arrival of Dorival, football returned to its flamboyant style, and we understood that we had to change within, not the commission,” he declared.

The next tricolor match is Sunday (28) against São Paulo, at 4 pm, at Morumbi. The match is valid for the 24th round, with live transmission from TV Verdes Mares, Rádio Verdinha AM 810 and real time from Diário do Nordeste.

Exclusive with President Marcelo Paz of Fortaleza

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Serie A status

“I consider that it has not yet been resolved (the situation in Serie A). We opened four points in the zone. The team has the number of wins, is playing better, knows how to hold results, how many expulsions did we have in the 1st half? We can’t go back to that anymore, it’s a lesson for everyone in the football department.”

Fernando Miguel’s moment

“Fernando Miguel, when he arrived, had a Clássico-Rei that failed. He was criticized a lot and so were we (by the fans). Then Fernando Miguel was asked to come back even without playing, he was criticized for hope. The coach is paid to win a game, but there comes a time when (the fans) want you to win a game with their preferences. We found a new format to play, Fernando Miguel is doing very well, (the signing) was not by chance, it was because of history , is doing a good job, always behaved in the best possible way”.

Trust in Vojvoda

“What if we had changed the way we played and not been signed? What if the commission changes and the players continued? The main sign that we give Vojvoda is to call him to hire him, it’s better for me to come and say that we’re going together (until the end), it’s to do it with him. The word convinces, the example drags. Let’s change the form and bring players in that way, together, it sends the message that we are together. All the signings had his participation.”

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