Obama, Bill Clinton, Angelina Jolie, Zidane and others will be at the polls in Brazil

At brazilian elections are historically called the party of democracy by the Superior Electoral Court (TSE). And at this party there is room for everything. From technical and tense debates between candidates to curiosities and episodes that make voters laugh. Among the latter, historically, is the list of names of urns of thousands of candidates to various positions across the country. Among them are, for example, namesakes of famous characters that have nothing to do with the originals.

The 2022 list has, for example, two former US presidents represented in various candidate names. Barack Obama, referring to the man who ruled the United States from 2009 to 2017, appears as a candidate for federal deputy for Rio de Janeiro. It is the name of an urn belonging to Claudio Henrique dos Anjos (Agir). Besides him, there is another Obama in the dispute, seeking a seat to the Federal Chamber for Pernambuco.

In Amapá, the name of another former US president was personalized. Bill Clinton do Amapá running for state deputy. This, however, is the name of businessman Bill Clinton Costa da Silva (Podemos).

Other historic world leaders who are no longer with us served as inspiration for the names of candidates in these elections, such as Stalin Lamb (We Can)candidate for federal deputy for Minas Gerais, and Professor Gandhi (PL), candidate for federal deputy in Ceará. The two have the famous names in their notary records. Juscelino Kubitschek Campos de Souza, the JK do Povo (PSDB)who is running for a state deputy in Pará.

In the Brazilian polls are also namesakes of famous actresses and TV personalities. Angelina Jolie, for example, is the name chosen by public servant Angelina Regina do Vale (Solidarity), candidate for district deputy. In Pará, there will be a candidate Shakira. In that case, the hairdresser Shakira Souza (PDT). the actress’s name Paola Oliveira also appears, but in this case it is the businesswoman Paola Braga de Oliveira, candidate for federal deputy for the Novo in Minas Gerais.

It’s the tchan

The list of candidates includes a Cheila Carvalho (not Sheila Carvalho, as a former brunette from É o Tchan), who is running for federal deputy for União Brasil em Minas. And it also includes a Sheila Melo, as the former blonde of the axé group. In this case, however, the urn name is Police Officer Sheila Melo (Avante)who is running for a seat as state deputy in Paraná.

in the field

Clones of football players are also common in the urn. There is a Maradona candidate for federal deputy in Rio de Janeiro and a Pelé seeking a seat in the Assembly of São Paulo. There is also a Zico running for the Chamber in Pará and a Zidane also seeking to be a federal deputy but for São Paulo. He also has a Platinni (with two N’s and not just one like the French player). Will platinum (EN), who actually has that surname, runs for the Ceará Assembly. Already bagio (there with just one G and not two like the Italian player who missed the penalty in the 1994 final), or Edson Luiz Bagio (Agir), running for a state deputy seat in Paraná.

There are several Romario, including the ‘true’, who is running for re-election to the Senate in Rio. But there are others, including the Romario Peixe, who is also running in Rio, but for state deputy. In this case, it is the military firefighter Ivan Rodrigues Elias (Rede). Also appearing at the polls, in various parts of the country, are Romário do Marisco, do Picolé, Krug, Paz, and so on.


Other sports namesakes are present. Senna is a candidate for federal deputy for Mato Grosso do Sul. It was the name chosen by the candidate for deputy Benjamin dos Santos Senna (Agir). From the field of motorsport, there is also a Tony Canaan, anyway, and not with Y, as is the Brazilian driver who was successful in Indy. In this case, it is the trader Antonio Barbosa do Nascimento Júnior (PMB), who is running in Paraíba for the position of state deputy. there is still one Barriquello (not to be confused with Rubens Barrichello), name of the urn of Marcos César Barriquello, name of the PL to the Legislative Assembly of Rio Grande do Sul.


In other sports there are two Maguilas, but neither of them is the famous boxer. Both compete for seats in assemblies, one in Acre (the electrician Francisco Lima da SilvaPSOL), and the other neither Minas Gerais (the driver Claudio Santana da Matafrom União Brasil).


The category of namesakes of musicians is also full. In addition to Shakira already mentioned, there is still a Clara Nunes (PSD)candidate for state deputy in Amapá, a Tião Carreiro (MDB), state deputy in Roraima, and a Carmen Miranda (PSC), running for federal deputy in Rio Grande do Sul. There is also a Chitãozinho (from Coromandel), but who is not paired with Xororó. He tries to reach the Chamber through the PSC of Minas Gerais.

Here are ten more names that seem famous but aren’t:

Stallone Ribeiro (Network)candidate for federal deputy in Paraná (a tribute to the movie actor?

Barby (PDT)candidate for district deputy in the DF (the doll’s name is Barbie)

Bin Laden Gari (Act)candidate for federal deputy in São Paulo (no terrorism)

Captain Birth (PP)candidate for federal deputy for Rio Grande do Sul (forget the character of Wagner Moura in elite troop)

Brizola (PSDB)candidate for state deputy in Rondônia (he is neither the famous politician, who has already died, nor his relatives who are running in elections)

Jim Davis (PSDB)candidate for state deputy in Amapá (nothing to do with the creator of Garfield)

José Serra (PMB)candidate for state deputy in Amazonas (not to be confused with José Serra, candidate for deputy in São Paulo)

Maria do Bairro (PP)candidate for state deputy in Paraná (does not participate in soap operas)

Maria do Bairro (Patriot)candidate for state deputy in Espírito Santo (ditto above)

Xuxa (Union)candidate for state deputy in Santa Catarina (does not run for the position of queen of the little ones)

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