Palmeiras seeks unprecedented feat against Corinthians in the women’s Derby | Brazilian female

In a re-edition of the 2021 final, Palmeiras and Corinthians open the semifinals of the Women’s Brasileirão this Saturday, at 2 pm, at Neo Química Arena. This will be the fifth Derby in knockout stages since the reactivation of the alviverde team, which has never defeated Timão in the knockout stages.

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Bia Zaneratto and Paulinha during the first round of the Brasileirão – Photo: Fabio Menotti/Palmeiras

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knockout derby since 2020

Brasileirão 2020 semifinals Paulista 2020 semifinals Final of the Brasileirão 2021 1st round of the 2022 Supercup
0 to 0 (Allianz Parque) 1-0 (Nelo Bracalente) 1-0 (Allianz Parque) 3 to 0 (Neo Química Arena)
3 to 0 (Neo Química Arena) 2 to 2 (Arena Barueri) 3 to 1 (Neo Química Arena)

In 10 games played since the reactivation of the sport at Palmeiras, the club had not yet won Corinthians (six defeats and four draws). The taboo was ended just this year, in the 11th round of the first phase, when Duda Santos scored twice and secured the unprecedented victory.

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Reinforced, Palmeiras lost twice in the classification phase – to Internacional and to São Paulo -, and qualified in first place, with 45 goals scored. With five draws and only one defeat, the three-time champion Corinthians ended the first phase in fourth place, having conceded 12 goals. The duel will mark the meeting between the best attack and the best defense of the Brasileirão.

Tamires and Bia Zaneratto in the first round of the Brasileirão — Photo: Fabio Menotti/Palmeiras

Renata Mendonça analyzed the Derby and projected the confrontation of the semifinal of the Brazilian Women’s Championship. Despite the embezzlement due to injury on the Corinthians side, the commentator said that “you can never rule out this Corinthians”.

– Palmeiras is very strong. It was already a very strong team, but it has even more decisive alternatives and is a strong team collectively. And Corinthians is suffering a lot this season with injuries. Vic Albuquerque, who was one of the reinforcements brought to the knockout stage, is already injured. Gabi Portilho can return. Gabi Zanotti is still not 100% ready to play 90 minutes. Not having these players makes a big difference. It is important for Corinthians to have a good result at home, with the strength of its fans. Because Palmeiras has the benefit now, for having had the best campaign, of defining at home. That too can make a difference.

– I think Palmeiras were never so ready to eliminate Corinthians in a knockout, but you can never give up this Corinthians for a loser, you can never discard this Corinthians. I think that when we think he might be weakened due to injuries, he can react. Arthur Elias has already shown this a lot. It is a very strong confrontation in this semifinal, even because of the rivalry – said Renata Mendonça.

Derby in the semifinals of the Brasileirão

  • 08/27 (Saturday) – 2pm: Corinthians vs Palmeiras (Neo Química Arena)
  • 9/10 (Saturday) – 2pm: Palmeiras vs Corinthians (Allianz Parque)

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