Putin increases number of soldiers in the army in the face of war losses

Russian leader signed a decree expanding his troops by 10% at a time when relations between Russia and Western countries are experiencing a crisis.

Vladimir Putin does not give up his demands for ceasefire in Ukraine

The Russian President, Vladimir Putinsigned a decree this Thursday, 25th, to increase the number of soldiers in the army by 10%, in the midst of an offensive against the Ukraine and in a context of growing tension with Western countries. The army must have two million members, of which 1.15 million will be soldiers; compared to the 1.9 million troops the Armed Forces had in 2017, according to a decree published by the government and which will take effect on January 1. Not counting civilian personnel, this represents an increase of 137,000 military personnel, or more than a tenth of the current combat force. The decision comes at a time when relations between Russia and Western countries are undergoing a crisis of unprecedented scope since the end of the Cold War. The measure, the reasons for which were not mentioned in the decree, coincides with the offensive that the Russian army has been carrying out in Ukraine for six months. having failed to take Kiev at the start of the intervention, Russian forces are focusing their efforts on eastern and southern Ukraine.

*With information from AFP

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