Rodrigo Mussi says he is “uncle” and reveals he likes a person

Rodrigo Mussi at the Vihh Tube party.  Photo: Marcelo Sá Barretto and Léo Franco/Agnews

Rodrigo Mussi at the Vihh Tube party. Photo: Marcelo Sá Barretto and Léo Franco/Agnews

News summary:

  • Rodrigo Mussi defines himself as “almost uncle” to manage contatinhos

  • Ex-BBB opened the game about living singleness at 36 years old

  • The model also commented on the second phase of her life after the accident

Rodrigo Mussi been at the party”Kissing tent 2000” to celebrate the life of the friend HIV Tube on Wednesday night (24), in São Paulo. At the event, he opened up about how he manages his love life at the age of 36 after participating in “BBB22” and going through a serious car accident in March of this year.

When commenting on the relationship of friends Viih Tube and Eliezer, who made the romance official recently, the former BBB revealed the desire to live something similar. “One day I want to date someone just like the two of them dating, because it’s very romantic. It is very beautiful the affection of the two from the beginning”, he said.

However, Rodrigo sees himself outside the flirtatious concept, although he draws attention for his beauty since his participation in Globo’s reality show. “I’m almost an uncle, almost forty. There’s a person I like. About contatinhos after the accident, I’m still trying to get a lot back. I don’t know if one day, soon, there will be that many more contatinhos”, he reflected.

Asked how he feels at the current moment of his trajectory, he defined the post-accident as a second part of his life. “One thing I learned a lot is that I have to live in the present. The future is cool, but we can’t put the weight of our lives on the future, we have to live in the present, because it can go away”, declared.

The businessman also exalted his friendship with Eliezer by confirming that he considers him to be the second family he won at “BBB22”. “I felt the difference between him and I in the look, out here, right after, in the hospital, we are very close, we talk every day. Our difficulties, our fears in this famous world, we share every day. family that I choose”, he concluded.

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