Samsung recommends hammering to format SSD; understand

Samsung recommended an unorthodox method for “formatting” an SSD that needed maintenance. The South Korean company suggested hammering to erase the object’s data before sending it to technical assistance.

A German, who has not been identified, had a 2 TB Samsung 980 Pro that began to present errors constantly, which forced him to call the authorized support of the South Korean company.

To better understand the reason for this unusual suggestion, it is necessary to know that formatting the storage unit to send it for maintenance is a standard recommendation to prevent sensitive data and information from being accessed by third parties.

With difficulties to format the device in the traditional way, the man contacted Samsung in search of recommendations on how to carry out the process of deleting all data from the device.

The company’s technician suggested hammer blows and even the use of a drill to destroy the NAND flash memory chips, responsible for storing information. A NAND flash chip is similar to a RAM chip, but the big difference is that it is able to store information even when there is no electrical power.

In addition to destroying the faulty SSD, Samsung recommended that the user send photos and videos of the state of the equipment after hammering to replace the SSD.

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