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Amid reports of fraud, Nubank launched SOS Nu, a platform with information and tips for customers to protect themselves.

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Amidst reports of fraud, Nubank launched the SOS Nuone platform with information and tips for customers to protect themselves from scams and other types of crime. The site can also be useful to victims, helping them in adverse situations and compromise of personal information.

SOS Nu will serve the customer who fell into a digital financial scam, had his cell phone stolen, transferred money to a fraudster or received a false message and sent values, for example.

The arrival of this platform is important for fintech customers. The number of cases of scams, account hacking and fraud has increased significantly in recent months, leaving many users angry.

SOS Nu is a public utility tool

The SOS Nu page offers assistance and explains what steps customers should take after being victims of scams (including Pix and WhatsApp), theft, theft, coercion, fraud, card cloning and fake boletos. The site is in the form of a security center and details what needs to be done in these situations.

According to Cristina Junqueira, co-founder and CEO of Nubank in Brazil, the objective of SOS Nu is to be a public utility tool necessary to face the public security problem that exists in the country.

“We will constantly update this content so that millions of people, not just our customers, have access to a single center on the topic, and thus can avoid being victims of criminal actions,” said Cristina.

Nubank’s new platform does not replace the institution’s own service

Another feature of the platform is that it will also deal with prevention, passing on information about procedures that reduce the possibility of being a victim of crimes. However, Nubank clarifies that SOS Nu does not replace the care provided by the institution itself.

In a statement, the fintech says that the site is only a “guide with instructions on what to do depending on the type of situation you are going through”. In this way, customers can follow the correct steps, speeding up the resolution of problems.

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Image: Diego Thomazini /

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