Seer hits the hammer and nailes Grêmio’s fate against Ituano

Image: Mauro Horita / Grêmio

Next Friday (26), Arena do Tricolor Gaúcho will host an important match for Imortal in Serie B. Grêmio x Ituano will face each other for the 26th round of the championship, at 19:00, in Porto Alegre. The visionary Vitor Pinheiro made predictions last Wednesday night (24) about how the match between the two clubs will be and left the Grêmio fan excited.

What the fortune teller saw in the forecast was Tricolor with the key of the game, with a lot of vitality and strength, Grêmio’s match flows well. Roger Machado’s team will be very well positioned on the field, however, the seer saw that the team lacks maturity to take advantage of opportunities. It will take a lot of serenity for the team from Rio Grande do Sul, as the doors will be open for a possible rout.

Grêmio x Ituano: two teams will be well in the match, but Tricolor wins

In the predictions about Grêmio’s opponent in the match next Friday (26), Vitor said he saw a good team in Ituano’s game. It won’t be a complicated match for the Paulistas, especially at the beginning. Ituano’s problem is in the end, the mistakes that the team makes prevent them from achieving a good result.

The number for the Grêmio team is 25 or 7, valid for the minutes in either of the two teams or any player who has this number on their shirt. The numbering of Ituano seen in the cards by the fortune teller was 21 or 3, valid for the minutes or any player who wears this shirt in the team.

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