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The head of Japan’s National Police Agency said on Thursday that he would step down to take responsibility for the assassination of former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, citing the need for a “fresh start” for the organization and its functions as a safety.

A report published the same day assumed the former political leader’s death was caused by a security breach. Officials also assured that they will review the protection of leaders and other key figures, including from abroad.

The report concludes that if the matter had been handled properly “the outcome could probably have been avoided”.

Former Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe was assassinated during a speech in Nara – Photo: Arte g1

Itaru Nakamura is the most senior official to resign in connection with Abe’s assassination at a July 8 campaign rally in the western city of Nara, where experts said security was seriously flawed.

“In the process of reviewing our new security plan, we realized that our security duties would need a fresh start,” Nakamura told a news conference.

Security in Nara on the day of the shooting was widely seen as insufficient, experts said.

Shinzo Abe: Re-enactment shows how the assassination of the former Japanese prime minister happened

Shinzo Abe: Re-enactment shows how the assassination of the former Japanese prime minister happened

Bodyguards could have saved Abe by protecting him or taking him out of the line of fire in the 2.5 seconds between the first missed shot and the second fatal shot, eight security experts who reviewed the footage told Reuters.

Japanese officials, including Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, acknowledged security flaws surrounding Abe’s appearance at the election campaign event.

The alleged killer, arrested at the scene moments after the shooting, is undergoing psychiatric evaluation, Japanese media reported last month.

A car carrying Shinzo Abe’s body passes before a crowd on the streets of Tokyo (Photo: Issei Kato/REUTERS)

Abe, Japan’s longest-serving but divisive prime minister, was shot dead at an election rally on July 8, and although funeral services were held soon after, Japan decided to hold a state funeral at the Nippon Budokan arena. in Tokyo on September 27.

The government of Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, a protégé of Abe’s, has decided that the funeral will be paid exclusively from state resources.

It is estimated that the government will spend around US$1.8 million (approximately R$9 million).

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