Strong murderous intent in the crime against the Brazilian’s wife and daughter, who has not yet been found

Crime occurred on the second floor of this building in Sakai (JNN)

On Thursday (25th) the police released more information about the mother and daughter found dead in a room of an apartment, whose building is in the city of Sakai (Osaka).


Japanese Manami Aramaki (荒牧愛美), 29, and his daughter Lily, 3 years oldwere found dead, lying on their backs, with external bleeding, inside the apartment with locked doors and windows, on Wednesday (24) morning.

According to the police, more than a dozen perforations in both bodies, in the upper limb. Furthermore, the woman japanesehad bruises on the face, indicating having been hit.

The police believe that whoever committed the crime had strong murderous intentThe and is investigating this case as a homicide, and the knife with blood was found lying on the bedroom floor.

Furthermore, the 33-year-old Brazilian husband and father, who might know the circumstances, has not yet been found and cannot be contacted.

When his mother-in-law, or the victim’s mother, called the company where she worked, she received the information that he warned that he would have to miss 2 weeks because he had an accident, on Monday morning (22). Later, the police learned that he would have said that he needed go to the hospital because your arm was injured.

THE Police did not release the name of the Brazilian husband and fatherbut on the community’s social media some people seem to know who it is.

In Japanese networks there are comments about the possibility of him being hospitalized or having fled to Brazil. There are voices of cheering that the crime was not committed by him, recalling a case that occurred in Inuyama (Aichi), whose Japanese husband killed his wife and two children after a fight between the couple.

Fontes: FNN e JNN

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