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iOS 16 brings several new features to the whole systemsuch as the possibility to change the look of the locked screen, crop the background of photos with just one tap, and even put a password on the photos you want to hide.

Even forgotten by most users, the application Messages will also receive good transformations in this update, gaining functionality that many of its competitors do not yet offer.

Check out here a list of the 10 new features that iMessage gains with the new system.

1. Edit messages

Apple finally allowed edit messages sent by iMessage.

The process is super simple and intuitive. Just tap for 1 second on a message you’ve recently sent and you’ll be able to edit the text contained therein.

If the other person’s device already has iOS 16, the message will update, with a “edited” below. And by tapping on it, you can see the original message.

If the device you receive has a system prior to iOS 16, then it will receive another message informing you of the edition.

There are some limitations to be respected, which we detail in this other article:


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