Valve already plans more powerful and open generations of the portable Steam Deck

The company sees the laptop as a product that will continue to improve over time.

While still working on fulfilling Steam Deck orders, Valve has confirmed that it is already working on future generations of the laptop. A new ebook created by the company, dedicated to introducing the product to the Asian market, confirms that it is already studying new hardware and ways to make the platform even more open.

Going forward, Valve will continue this product with hardware and software improvements and iterations, bringing new versions of the Steam Deck to market.”, confirmed the company. She also stated that sees the laptop as a “multigenerational product line and that it intends to support it and its operating system”in the foreseeable future”.

We’ll learn from the Steam community about new uses for our hardware that we haven’t thought of yet, and we’ll build new versions to be even more open and capable than the first version of the Steam Deck was.”, continue the ebook publicly disclosed by the manufacturer.

Steam Deck launch remains incomplete

The company’s level of public commitment is unheard of for hardware it produces: in the past, it has handled products like the Steam Controller and Steam Machines. more like experiments than long term investments. However, before a new version of the notebook can come out, the company will still have to deal with the remaining orders from the first generation.

Valve claims to have recently made considerable advances in its production lines, which should result in the reduction of long queues for the device. That’s not the only issue she still has to deal with: the promised official connection base for monitors and televisions still doesn’t have a release date, for example.

According to the company, all of his previous hardware development efforts culminated in the creation of the Steam Deck, which turned out to be the most natural option for their plans. It also promises to continue investing in the development of its SteamOS, which, in the future, will be able to be used both in gaming desktops and in Portable PCs from Competing Manufacturers.

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