1st OLED TV with Google TV in Brazil already has a launch date

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Toshiba, a Japanese company, recently announced that it will launch its first Toshiba X9900 OLED TV in Brazil in 2022. But what is the difference between this TV model? The OLED will have a 65-inch screen and is expected to hit stores at the end of the year, in December.

1st OLED TV with Google TV in Brazil already has a launch date

So far, only LG has OLED TVs in Brazil, but they have webOS as their operating system. Toshiba’s model will be the first with this type of panel to offer Google TV as an OS. Toshiba’s new model in Brazil is a partnership with Multi (which was Multilaser), which enters the market in competition with LG.

Fernando Nogueira, Product Director of Grupo Multi and responsible for the production, distribution and marketing of products in the country. Comment on the subject.

“Toshiba has always been synonymous with quality and is in the public’s mind. Today, the brand represents 50% of Multi’s screen sales. Therefore, we are very happy to expand the possibilities of purchase to the consumer, also expanding our capillarity”, explains Fernando.

Toshiba OLED TV: price and news

The Toshiba OLED X9900 TV model offers customers 4K resolution, FreeSync, IMAX ENHANCE, Dolby Vision IQ, Bluetooth and Google Assistant voice command.

In addition, according to the manufacturer, it will be the only OLED in Brazil to have the Google TV platform. Another benefit is the sound quality, as it will be equipped with ten speakers and 92 Wrms of power.

Other technical details were not disclosed by the manufacturer, but the product should soon be presented in more detail to the Brazilian market before launch.

A curiosity is that OLED TVs do not require internal lighting (backlight) to generate the images. It occurs due to each organic pixel emitting its own light, allowing unparalleled levels of contrast with the reproduction of deep blacks, while maintaining true tones in dark images.

The model will be very thin and will be only 49 millimeters thick. The suggested launch price starts at R$11,999.00.

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