Aerial screenshots from Google Maps form strange images of Earth

Some weird images on google maps were observed by users of the geolocation site. From the formation of swastikas to that of a human face, aerial capture of remote locations has formed strange places on the map. See below what is in the most unusual photos ever recorded so far.

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Viewed from above, the image resembles a human face, more precisely that of an indigenous person. However, it is only the action of nature that brings this perception, through the combination of soil erosion, wind and water action.


In the southern part of the Tobol Superior reservoir, the design of a pentagram with about 365 meters in diameter was found. Many people associate such a figure with malicious activities, but the image is nothing more than the outline of a park.

In the same country, drawings of a swastika with more than 2 thousand years of existence were found. At that time, swastikas were frequently used images, as there was no political connection.


The images located in the Gobi Desert, in China, form a pattern of lines that, according to sources, consists of the country’s secret military base, used for weapons tests, improvement of spy satellites, among other secret activities.

United States

In the United States, two strange images were captured by Google Maps. The first, from a testing ground also known as Area 52, is located in the state of Nevada. According to people’s reports, the place is full of underground facilities and a nuclear device would be at work in the place.

Also in the United States, aerial images were found of what would be a bunker owned by the Church to protect itself from the end of the world. There are two overlapping circles with the figure of large diamonds in the middle.


Located in the Oasis of Azraq, circles with more than 8 thousand years of existence were found. Some of those striated designs that dot Jordan’s Azraq Oasis appear to be positioned in a way that lines up with the sunrise on the winter solstice. The creations are part of archeology studies in the Middle East.


Found in West Darfur, the image records the figure of a human lip. Apparently, the structure formed naturally, although its origins are not identified.

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