Application “turns” your Android into iOS

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Are you a user of a mobile device with the Google operating system and always wanted to test the Apple system? A “Copycat” of the IOS home screen already has more than 50 million downloads on the Google Play Store and manages to make this change in an identical way.

Check below how to simulate the iOS on Android and use it very fluidly and enjoy a different design on your mobile.

How does this app work?

Despite having become very popular in recent weeks, Launcher iOS 16 is an old app on the Google store. It even offers the possibility to use the interface of the latest iOS version on Android for three years. In addition, its users can choose which version they prefer to use since iOS 13, which opens up a good range of options and customizations.

iOS Launcher app screens
application screens

Launchers, as they are known, change the home screen of the android and their list of apps the way the user prefers, recreating the systems the way they want. In this case, the app in question recreates the Apple system home screen, featuring menus, “shake mode”, widgets and apps identical to how they appear on iOS.

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It also replaces app icons with iOS icons such as Instagram, Notes, Camera, and the Play Store itself.

How are changes made?

By default, unlike Apple phones, Android devices have different customization possibilities. Because of this, developers are able to create these copies of other systems or even create new icons, animations, widgets and much more. In the case of Launcher iOS 16, the application has become quite popular on account of some social networks, such as TikTok and Twitter.

Thus, some users of devices like Xiaomi, Samsung and Motorola who always wanted to try iOS, were able to get a taste of its interface. However, it is important to make it clear that the changes are only visualthen the speed of system integration and operation remains the same.

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