Athlete expects to receive from Vasco to end his career

Marlon announced the departure of Remo last Monday, the 26th, after three consecutive seasons wearing the shirt of the team from Pará. At 36 years old, the player is thinking about retirement, but the financial factor has been weighing heavily on the decision.

In an exclusive conversation with ge Pará, the left-back – who now also plays as a defender – said that he still hopes to receive money from Vasco, where he spent time in 2014. He filed a labor lawsuit against the carioca club in the Regional Court of Work from Rio de Janeiro (TRT-RJ) in 2016.

– More than R$1 million. There were several things, it was three months (without receiving the salary) and they did not deposit the guarantee fund and the thirteenth. I have money to receive from Vasco. I’m really looking forward to this money coming out. When he leaves, I can tell you that Marlon stopped playing. But while that money doesn’t come out, I have to keep playing, because I don’t have anywhere to get money from, for now.

Photo: Guilherme BoriniMarlon


The ge report got in touch with Vasco, through the Institutional advisory, which informed that the club does not comment on the matter.

With the cruzmaltina shirt, the defender played 34 games and scored four goals. In 2014, Gigante da Colina played in Série B of the Brazilian and finished the competition in third place, gaining access to Série A the following year. The player played in 19 matches in the club’s campaign in Segunda.

In 2022, Marlon ended a spell at Remo, right after being eliminated in Série C of the Brazilian. There were three seasons in a row for the club from Pará, where he also played between 2009 and 2011. In all, the defender wore the blue shirt in 189 games, having won the 2021 Copa Verde, the 2008 and 2022 Campeonato Paraense, in addition to access to the Série B of 2021.

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