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While the last details of the renovation are being finalized, Alagoans can already check out first hand the newest tourist space dedicated to Alagoan art, culture and gastronomy, Mercado 31, in Jaraguá.


Still in soft open, with official opening scheduled for September 15, Mercado 31 was born with the proposal to offer a new experience of consumption and leisure for tourists and Alagoas in search of art, crafts, typical products, gastronomy and good music, revaluation of the entire port region around Centro Pesqueiro.


Inspired by major international centers of culture and gastronomy, such as the Mercado da Ribeira, in Lisbon, the revitalization project transforms an old sugar warehouse with 2800 m² into a modern craft center with the capacity to house 119 operations.

In partnership with several local artists and artisans, we created a mix with a really special selection of handcrafted products, decorative objects, accessories, beachwear and typical foods.

High ceilings, wide corridors, natural ventilation, always clean bathrooms, a food court and an outdoor area with outdoor tables complete the concept of the space.


In addition to creating a space that would guarantee total comfort to the visitor, we made a point of maintaining the port architecture proposal of the shed, preserving the original wooden arches and trusses of the construction.

With more than 90% of the spaces already occupied, Mercado 31 also bets on an intense program of musical and artistic attractions – in addition to a security and parking structure to become the newest tourist center in the Alagoas capital. In partnership with Semtabes, it will also have a special space for marketing the production of Solidarity Economy groups, helping to generate income for about 20 registered handicraft groups.


Recently released, ‘Por Vir’ shows a new side of the singer, songwriter and producer from Alagoas LUCY MURITIBA (photo). With partnerships and unpublished songs distributed in an EP, the artist celebrates the plurality in a project that marks her 10-year career. In her third studio record, released after the success of ‘Em Cores’ (2016) and her self-titled album (2019), she seeks in her ancestry and in her feminine essence the strength and resilience to face what is ‘to come’. , as the name of the title track of the EP says.


NIYATI TELMA in a 'tiete' moment with the also from Alagoas ED GAMA and the boss of Porta dos Fundos ANTÔNIO TABET
NIYATI TELMA in a ‘tiete’ moment with the also from Alagoas ED GAMA and the boss of Porta dos Fundos ANTÔNIO TABET – Photo: PERSONAL FILE


Today there is bolo+guarana for DECO VILLAR (photo), in addition to the stylist Marcus Telles and the model Osielle Costa…


On Sunday there is a chorus of congratulations for Dani Novis, Maurício Gonçalves and Luciano Goes…

The column is grateful for the invitation to the Brunch NR_Lab on BRIFW + SP-Arte…

McDia Feliz takes place today with the income generated from the sales of the Big Mac reverted to Apala…

Parque Shopping will host the Carnivoria Festival until August 28, occupying a 2,000 square meter parking lot – with 10 special meat cuts stations commanded by guest roasters, such as Henrique Okuda (SP), Matuto Fire (BA) and Dry Beff Junior (AL)…

Speaking of which… Sales in shopping centers in the country grow 38.2% in the 2nd quarter of 2022, data from Abrasce show…

Ford announces the global debut of the new seventh-generation Mustang on September 14…

The Young Brazilian Award reaches its 21st edition (biggest in the world!) in September…

Reveillon do Alto’23 starts sales of the promotional lot…

The all-inclusive event confirmed four attractions that will excite the public at the New Year, among them Berg Gonzaga and the traditional Pagolada…

For the first time, Vizzano is part of the Argentina Fashion Week line-up, showing how its fashion and sustainable DNA has conquered consumers in more than 97 countries…

UNINASSAU provides free legal assistance through the NPJ…

Interested parties may attend the Center, from Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 12 pm and from 2 pm to 5 pm…

The largest beauty fair in the Americas, Beauty Fair, announces its 17th edition between September 3rd and 6th, at Expo Center Norte, in SP…

Circular Reserve: Project donates 1000 blankets produced from textile waste to Red Cross…

Pedro Lucena is one of the 16 artists who are part of the cast of Arte em Movimento – Velas e Telas, which takes place from September 8th to 11th, on Ponta Verde beach…

With an artistic career that began in 2007, Lucena takes her unfailing art to the sails of a raft…

Emma Summerton’s 2023 Pirelli Calendar will feature some of the world’s most famous models: Cara Delevingne, Bella Hadid and Karlie Kloss…

Faculdade Santa Marcelina holds an Art – Fashion exhibition | João Braga shirts…

The curatorship, with 61 pieces, can be seen until the 29th of September…

A group formed by Janguiê Diniz+João Kepler and CaptAll Ventures, of entrepreneurs Nilio Portella and Túlio Mêne joined Non Stop as partners, which manages influencers such as Whindersson Nunes, Simone Mendes, Gkay and Tirullipa.



MARINE MERCIA, 19 years of architecture


How to project true happiness?

It is not projected, it is lived. It’s the way and not the final destination

The perfect habitat… is where your heart wants to be

And where would you like to live?

I love my city, I don’t see myself living anywhere else. But Portugal enchants me!

The best project of humanity?

From Antiquity, the Pyramids! Latest: the internet

And what still needs to be designed?

Innovation is a constant

Social Media is… an important tool for my area and indispensable today for several segments! It’s no use swimming against the tide

The best angle of a laugh… comes when I experience good times with people I love

My first job was… as a coating shop consultant

The Tempori Group has… High standard and Innovation

I spend a lot of money on aesthetics… and a lot of time with planning

Time: speed up or stop it?

live the present time

After architecture, my favorite activity is… travel

I loved visiting Peru… but there is still Greece, Mexico…

My current state of mind is… positivity always

Would you rather be broke or dreamless?

No dreams. With money we plan goals to accomplish them

How to reinvent yourself?

With self-knowledge. Keeping up to date with news, trends and your own needs

In my profile there is… empathy, sincerity

I crossed out my clipboard:

Dependence and falsehood

On my playlist is… pop rock in general

I wanted the gift of flying… And the superpower of turning invisible

My favorite time of day is breakfast…

And at night? Arrive home

A childhood memory: the backyard of my paternal grandmother’s house

What irritates you? Wait

The greatest love of my life is… my son

On good crockery: pasta…

And in a crystal cup? Wine

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