Columnists’ predictions for the 24th round

Palmeiras will not have an easy life against Fluminense, and Flamengo will assume the vice-leadership of the table, confirming the position of main rival of the alviverde team in the fight for the title. These are the bets made by the columnists of the UOL Esporte for the main games of the 24th round of the 2022 Brazilian Championship.

Leader of the table with 49 points, Abel Ferreira’s team faces a vice-leader for the third consecutive round. The opponent of the time is Fluminense, in second place with 41 points, in a game that takes place at Maracanã early tonight (27), at 19:00 (Brasília time).

The score between the journalists was tight for the big confrontation of the round. There were four victories for Palmeiras and the same four for Flu, in addition to three draws.

For tomorrow’s classic (28), between Botafogo and Flamengo, at 6 pm, at Engenhão, the guesses were unanimous. Everyone bets on a red-black victory, and no one risks even a draw.

Another outstanding game this Sunday (28) is São Paulo x Fortaleza, at 4 pm, at Morumbi, in another meeting between Rogério Ceni and his former club. For journalists, the duel will be very even.

And you already have yours guesses for the round? Check out the bets of the columnists of the UOL:


Fluminense vs Palmeiras

Alicia Klein – Draw
Amara Moira – Palmeiras
Danilo Lavieri – Palmeiras
Julio Gomes – Palmeiras
Menon – Fluminense
Milly Lacombe – Fluminense
Milton Neves – Draw
Renato Maurício Prado – Fluminense
Rodolfo Rodrigues – Fluminense
Rodrigo Coutinho – Draw
Vitor Guedes – Palmeiras


America-MG vs Atletico-MG

Alicia Klein – Draw
Amara Moira – Draw
Danilo Lavieri – Atletico MG
Julio Gomes – Draw
Menon – Draw
Milly Lacombe – Draw
Milton Neves – Atlético-MG
Renato Maurício Prado – Draw
Rodolfo Rodrigues – Atletico MG
Rodrigo Coutinho – Draw
Vitor Guedes – Draw

Sao Paulo vs Fortaleza

Alicia Klein – Sao Paulo
Amara Moira – Draw
Danilo Lavieri – Draw
Julio Gomes – Draw
Menon – Sao Paulo
Milly Lacombe – Sao Paulo
Milton Neves – Sao Paulo
Renato Maurício Prado – Fortaleza
Rodolfo Rodrigues – Sao Paulo
Rodrigo Coutinho – Fortaleza
Vitor Guedes – Draw

Botafogo vs Flamengo

Alicia Klein – Flamengo
Amara Moira – Flamengo
Danilo Lavieri – Flamengo
Julio Gomes – Flamengo
Menon – Flemish
Milly Lacombe – Flamengo
Milton Neves – Flamengo
Renato Maurício Prado – Flamengo
Rodolfo Rodrigues – Flamengo
Rodrigo Coutinho – Flamengo
Vitor Guedes – Flamengo

Cuiabá vs Santos

Alicia Klein – Santos
Amara Moira – Santos
Danilo Lavieri – Santos
Julio Gomes – Santos
Menon – Cuiabá
Milly Lacombe – Santos
Milton Neves – Santos
Renato Maurício Prado – Draw
Rodolfo Rodrigues – Santos
Rodrigo Coutinho – Cuiabá
Vitor Guedes – Draw


International x Youth

Alicia Klein – International
Amara Moira – International
Danilo Lavieri – International
Julio Gomes – International
Menon – International
Milly Lacombe – International
Milton Neves – International
Renato Maurício Prado – International
Rodolfo Rodrigues – International
Rodrigo Coutinho – International
Vitor Guedes – International

Corinthians vs Red Bull Bragantino

Alicia Klein – Draw
Amara Moira – Corinthians
Danilo Lavieri – Draw
Julio Gomes – Corinthians
Menon – Corinthians
Milly Lacombe – Corinthians
Milton Neves – Draw
Renato Maurício Prado – Bragantino
Rodolfo Rodrigues – Corinthians
Rodrigo Coutinho – Bragantino
Vitor Guedes – Corinthians

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