Coritiba 1 x 0 Avaí in the 24th round of the Brazilian Championship

This Saturday (27), Coritiba beat Avaí 1-0, with a goal scored by Fabrício Daniel in the second stage, from outside the area. The match marked the opening of the 24th round of the Brazilian Championship, at the Couto Pereira stadium.

With the result, Coxa climbed to 16th place, with 32 points conquered. Meanwhile, Avaí drops to 18th position and remains in the relegation zone, with 23.

Next Saturday (3), Coxa travels to Belo Horizonte, where they face América-MG, with the ball rolling at 20:30 (from Brasília). Four hours earlier, at 4:30 pm, Avaí faces Juventude, in Caxias do Sul.

First half balance

The first half started off hectic, with the home team having more possession of the ball and attacking presence. At eight minutes, in a kick-in, Edígio threw the ball into the area. After a hit and hit, Raniele fouled Martínez inside the area and the referee awarded a penalty. However, after being called by VAR, the bid was disallowed.

Soon after, Avaí started to loosen up in the match, having more possession of the offensive ball, but being passive, without attacking the opponent. The confrontation was very lacking, with four yellow cards being released until the 30th minute of the game. At 33′, Renato advanced on the right wing and crossed to Guerrero, but before the ball reached the forward, Chancellor made the providential cut.

Finally, Bruno Gomes took a corner and the ball was clear for Chancellor, but the defender broke through, missing a good opportunity to open the scoring before the final whistle of the first half.

Great goal

The second stage started very similar to the first, with the teams fighting a lot, but failing on the last pass and not making the goalkeepers work. The first opportunity came at 15′. Martínez received in speed against the defender, fixed it to his good foot and finished on top.

Soon after, Fabricio advanced in speed, played backwards and Thonny Anderson, alone, finished on top. At 32′, Fabrício received the ball from Robinho in the middle, turned on Cortez, finished beautifully from outside the area and opened the scoring.

In the final stretch, Avaí went all out. Jean Cléber turned the marker after a quick throw-in from Pottker, passed to Guerrero, who hit the post. The ball still caught on Wall.


Coritiba 1 x 0 Avai

Place: Couto Pereira Stadium, Curitiba-PR

Date/time: 27/08/2022 – 16:30 (from Brasilia)

Referee: Savio Pereira Sampaio (FIFA-DF)

Assistants: Fabricio Vilarinho da Silva (Fifa-GO) and Leila Naiara Moreira da Cruz (Fifa-DF)

Fourth referee: Lucas Paulo Torezin (PR)

Video referee (VAR): Wagner Reway (PB)

Yellow cards: Chancellor, Fabrício, Egídio (Coritiba), Rodrigo Freitas, Guerrero, Lucas Ventura (Avaí)

red cards:-

Goal: Fabricio Daniel (32’/2T) (1-0)

Coritiba: Wall; Natanael, Chancellor, L. Castán and Diego Porfírio (Rafael Santos 26’/2T); Willian Farias (Bernardo 31’/1T), Bruno Gomes and Fabrício Daniel; Egidio (Thonny Anderson – halftime) Alef Manga (Warley 15’/2T) and Adrián Martinez (Robinho 25’/2T). Technician: Guto Ferreira

Hawaii: Vladimir; Renato, Rodrigo Freitas (Jean Cléber – halftime), Rafael Vaz (Nathan 36’/2T) and Cortez; Raniele, Eduardo (Lucas Ventura 20’/2T) and Bruno Silva (Pottker 36’/2T); Pottker, Muriqui (Natanael 27’/2T) and Guerrero. Technician: Eduardo Baroca

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