Dinizistas x Abelizados: Fluminense and Palmeiras do duel of personalized styles

Two coaches with a strong personality and who have been a frequent topic in Brazilian football. On the one hand, Fernando Diniz, the name of the new national generation that has not yet won a major title, but insists on his philosophy and has Fluminense play what many consider “the best football in the country”. On the other, Abel Ferreira, multi-champion with the palm trees but still contested externally.

In common, in addition to the good work, the “love it or hate it” that the two provoke. The teams face each other this Saturday, at 19:00, at Maracanã. The clash between leader and vice-leader of the Brazilian Championship has real-time broadcast from LANCE!.

After his first spell in 2019, when he was fired, Diniz returned to Fluminense in maydays after Abel Braga deliver the job. It was a quick move by the club and it had the support of the players from the first minute. The group asked for the board and did not make a point of hiding behind the scenes the desire to work with the coach.

His resignation three years ago is seen as one of the biggest mistakes of the management by President Mário Bittencourt himself, who ends his first term at the end of 2022. Despite the State title at the beginning of the year, the change in mentality is clear in Fluminense. Now, the notion that Tricolor is in the fight for titles is clearer than ever.

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Diniz got it consolidate the base of the Flu who was already good with Abel Braga. Names like Paulo Henrique Ganso, Germán Cano and Jhon Arias were already doing very well with the previous coach and continue to be regulars at the best moment of the team in 2022. The greatest merits, perhaps, are in the consolidation of names like Samuel Xavier, Nonato, Manoel and until Caio Paulista, who is not doing well, but had positive moments.

In Diniz’s 28 games, Fluminense has 17 wins, seven draws and four defeats. There are 58 goals scored and 30 conceded in that period. The most positive point is the attack, which found itself for good and is in great shape with Germán Cano and Arias shining. The defense is still needs some adaptations and is suffering in recent games.

Fernando Diniz - Fluminense

Diniz is having a great time at Fluminense (Photo: Marcelo Gonçalves/Fluminense FC)


Abel Ferreira is about to complete two years of work at Palmeiras. In addition to accumulating titles, records, historical achievements and consolidated work, he provokes a series of different feelings. Loved by the Alviverde fans, he doesn’t enjoy as much prestige in other circles, including among colleagues and in the media.

An “unknown” before landing at the Football Academy, the Portuguese proved his quality quickly, with a lot of work, and with press conferences that looked like classes, which many stopped to see what he said (and still says). But these spotlights don’t always make a good impression, and haters have also emerged.

At the same time that it won its five titles, with two Libertadores won against two Brazilian rivals, the contestations also grew on the part of the “antis”, the specialized media and even their co-workers in the country, with some of these actors using of the most diverse weapons to attack the Portuguese, including personal offenses and the trainer’s family.

But, on the other hand, a mass formed by the fourth largest crowd in the country was “Abelizada” in the face of what the work, personality and charisma of Abel Ferreira showed over these almost two years. The coach became a fan too, he joined the “palmeirismo”, the feeling for the green and the motto of “against everything and against everyone”. Not even outside criticism made him change his ways.

It is with this legion of Palmeiras and admirers that Abel Ferreira remains firm and strong in command of one of the giants of national football, seeking two titles this season, one of them being the Brasileirão, which will have one more decision, now against Fluminense, this Saturday. , in Maracana. The process of “Abelization” is irreversible.

Palmeiras vs Flamengo - Abel Ferreira

Abel Ferreira will do two years at Palmeiras (Photo: Cesar Greco/Palmeiras)

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