Dylan O’Brien celebrates his 31st birthday

The actor Dylan Rhodes O’Brien, born in New York on August 26, 1991, is celebrating his 31st birthday today (Friday the 26th). He, who is also a musician, became known for his participation in the American MTV television series Teen Wolf, successfully playing the character Stiles Stilinski. Check out the main moments and works of Dylan’s life now.

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Born in New York, Dylan is the son of an actress and director of a performing arts school, as well as a cameraman. When he was a child, influenced by his parents, Dylan even thought about being a cameraman too and always knew what it was like to work in the art world. In an interview, he says that his parents always let him watch several movies and because of that he is like a geek on the subject. He grew up in New Jersey City until his family decided to move to California when he was just 12 years old.

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At the age of eleven or twelve, the actor started posting videos on the internet and playing with a camera, and thus became popular in the media. His channel was called Dis Be My Channel it was primarily humorous and the name was a pun on the phrase “This Be My Channel”, which means “This is my channel”. He graduated in 2009 from Mira Costa High School, considered pursuing a career as a sportscaster, but ultimately decided to move to Los Angeles to pursue a career in acting.

In addition to being an actor, Dylan is also a drummer and has played in bands Dave Days and Slow Kids At Play. Unfortunately, he was kicked out of Slow Kids due to his busy schedule and commented in an interview how funny it was when he was asked to leave: “I got a video from my friends in the band on Snapchat and I thought, cool, they must be missing me, but when I opened the video they were playing with another drummer and they told me, man you’ve been replaced”, commented the artist. His film debut was in a comedy called High Road in 2011, but in the following year he starred in the romantic comedy called The First Time alongside Britt Robertson. In 2013, he was a supporting actor in the film The Interns alongside his colleagues: Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn.

When the invitation to participate in Teen Wolf, Dylan still did not have experiences as an actor, such as those mentioned above, as it was before these productions. When he received the script for the pilot episode, he was slated to be the Scott, but as he ended up identifying himself more like Stiles, he asked to audition for that character, not the main protagonist. The series, which tells the story of an old movie of the same name, has earned the actor awards such as the Young Hollywood Awards and the Teen Choice Awards.

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In the third and fourth seasons of the series, the actor was able to show his evolution as an actor playing Stiles possessed by a Nogitsune spirit, who was cold, evil and psychopathic. This part of the series opened doors for the actor to play more serious characters.

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After the great success that was Teen Wolf, O’Brien participated in several works such as Maze Runner – Run or Die made in 2014, and shortly after the film’s sequels: Maze Runner – Trial by Fire and Maze Runner – The Death Cure. During this time Dylan also participated in other productions in which he was not a protagonist. Unfortunately, during the filming of the final film in the Maze Runner trilogy, Dylan suffered a serious accident involving the vehicles on the set. In one of the action scenes, the actor ended up being run over and dragged by a car that was being used in the scene. He suffered several fractures in his face and had to undergo some surgeries, resulting in eight months of recovery at home.

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After his recovery, Dylan resumed filming and finished shooting the sixth and final season of Teen Wolf and also the final Maze Runner film. Recently, the actor starred in the movie Love and Monstersavailable at Netflix.

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Speaking of his personal life, it is important to point out that the actor already lived with his two friends at the beginning of the recordings of Teen Wolf: Tyler Posey and Tyler Hoechlin. Dylan also doesn’t have social media like Facebook or Instagram, but he has been politically active in various subjects on Twitter, in addition to showing support for the works that his colleagues work or worked on. He is also on Snapchat, an application well used by Americans. Dylan dated actress Britt Robertson from 2012 to mid-2018. In 2019, Dylan officially returned to being the drummer for the band Slow Kids At Play. Furthermore, he has an older sister named Julia.

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