Edit Tweet Button Could Reach Everyone, Official Twitter Material Suggests

The edit tweets button is one of the most anticipated features by Twitter users, but many people were disappointed to learn that it would be paid. A Twitter Blue explainer screen, however, gave hope for an alleged future release.

In a screenshot shared by a user, you can see that the social network recommends subscribing to Twitter Blue to get “early access to Edit Tweet”. This could be an indication that the button would first be released to payers, arriving for the others at some point.

Of course, this could just be a typo, a standard message, or an unfinished screen that leaked. But the wording of the notice hints at this future landing, which once again filled fans of the bird platform with hope.

Will editing tweets be exclusive to Twitter Blue?

The edit tweets button will allow you to correct any typos or inaccurate data after the post has been published. It’s too basic (and essential) to be exclusive to a select paying group. When it launched Blue, the social network guaranteed that the subscription would be for additional features and early access to news.

It’s still unclear how the edit button will work, as there have been several formats in testing over the past few months. In one version, for example, people could change the entire tweet and the media associated with it. People should only know for sure when the news is released to testers.

Until the closing of the article, Twitter had not officially commented on this possibility. If this occurs, the text will be updated to include the placement.

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