EU presidency proposes “urgent” meeting on energy

ROME, AUG 26 (ANSA) – The Czech Republic, rotating president of the European Union, announced this Friday (26) that it has proposed an emergency meeting with ministers of the bloc to discuss the energy crisis. There are fears of a blackout in some nations due to lack of supplies from Russia.

“The presidency will convene an urgent meeting of energy ministers to discuss specific emergency measures to address the energy situation,” Czech Prime Minister Petr Fiala confirmed through his social networks.

Among the issues that will be discussed is the proposal to impose a ceiling on the price of energy sources, especially gas, and to adopt more measures to prevent more serious problems from occurring with the approach of winter. The imposition of the ceiling divides the countries of the bloc.

In addition, the constant cuts in the supply of natural gas from Russia – due to the sanctions imposed by the invasion of Ukraine – raise the tension level.

This Friday, another international story – this time from the BBC – confirmed what the Finnish media had been saying for over a month, that Gazprom is burning natural gas at the Portovaya compressor station at levels never seen before.

Losses are estimated to be around 10 million euros per day. (ANSA).

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