Fluminense desfilias school because of video with children singing Flamengo song

A video shook social networks this Friday (26), as it quickly went viral. In the images, children sing the song December 1981, but the detail is that they are wearing Fluminense shirts and uniforms from one of the schools affiliated to the club.

The video quickly went viral and Flamengo fans had fun with the song, but apparently the tricolors didn’t appreciate the childish game. In the middle of the afternoon, Fluminense issued an official note canceling the affiliation of the little school. Read.

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Fluminense became aware, this morning, of the image of one of its schools franchised by the Guerreirinhos Project, with children singing songs from a rival club. The club has contacted its Legal Department and has already notified the licensee of the termination of the contract. Fluminense emphasizes that it maintains strict rules regarding the prohibition of this type of manifestation and also the preservation of its brand. He also emphasizes that the children assisted by the project do not belong to the club’s base, in Xerém.

Flamengo and Fluminense can meet in the final of the Copa do Brasil

The rivalry between Flamengo and Fluminense has intensified recently, as the two clubs met in consecutive decisions. Fla and Flu decided the last four Cariocas Championships, with three red-black titles and a tricolor title. The two rivals can meet in the finals of the Copa do Brasil.

Flamengo beat São Paulo 3-1 in the first game of the semifinals and decides the spot on September 14, at Maracanã. Fluminense tied with Corinthians 2-2 at Maracanã and decides the spot in Itaquera.

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