Grêmio manages to release the Arena grandstand, which was banned due to a fight | Guild

Grêmio managed to reverse the ban on the Arena’s North Stand, closed by the fight during the 2-2 draw with Cruzeiro on Sunday. Thus, the sector is free to receive the crowd on Friday night against Ituano.

Ticket sales start at 2pm this Friday, five hours before the game. Tickets will sell tickets until 7:30 pm, with departure already underway.

The club also informed that members and fans in general who bought tickets for the Superior Norte or any other sector, will not have their tickets canceled or exchanged for the North Stand. Members who have already purchased tickets for the game will not be able to purchase for the released sector.

In a game with an audience record and a fight in the stands, Grêmio draws with Cruzeiro

In a game with an audience record and a fight in the stands, Grêmio draws with Cruzeiro

The tricolor legal department had filed a writ of mandamus in the Court’s Appeals Court after the site was interdicted by the conflicts over the weekend. The decision was overturned by the rapporteur of the case, Luiz Antônio Alves Capra.

The rest of the penalties remain. The General Grêmio, Rasta, Jovem Torcida and Garra Tricolor fans are suspended for 90 days. Two Grêmio players have already been identified and banned from attending stadiums.

The North Stand had been closed since last Monday by decision of Judge Marco Aurélio Xavier, from the Juizado do Torcedor e Grandes Eventos. The reason was the fight of the fans in the tie between Grêmio and Cruzeiro, on Sunday. The game came to a halt on two occasions.

Fight between Grêmio fans paralyzes game at Arena – Photo: Reproduction

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