Grey’s Anatomy newcomer gives series spoiler and explains character nickname

Harry Shum Jr. is the newest cast member for the 19th season of Grey’s Anatomy and shared some fun facts about his character, Dr. Daniel “Blue” Kwan.

In an interview for the Entertainment TonightShum shared an explanation for his character’s nickname, Blue.

“It’s not just that he’s wearing blue now in his uniform. He comes from an origin where he was given the nickname Blue because he won many blue ribbons. He was used to winning, but definitely, he can hit some obstacles, and not know how to be a loser.”

From Shum’s comments, Blue may have some rough times ahead as a first-year resident at Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital. like the fans of Grey’s Anatomy You know, arrogant young doctors are often faced with reality when they discover what it’s really like to work in a hospital.

Blue is described as insightful, impatient and brilliant. In addition to being generous by nature, but overly competitive, naturally talented and used to winning at everything. Due to a family crisis, Blue has a lot more to prove in her career.

The new cast members also include Alexis Floyd like Dr. Simone Griffin, Niko Terho like Dr. Lucas Adams, Adelaide Kane like Dr. Jules Millin, Midori Francis like Dr. Mika Yasuda.

Grey's Anatomy Cast (Reproduction)
Grey’s Anatomy Cast (Reproduction)

Harry Shum Jr. already appeared in the movies The power of rhythm, Our Union, Much Confusion, Mom: Operation Balladand in the series Glee, Boston Public, Zoey 101, Shadowhunters and Tell Me a Story.

Can the series continue without Pompeo?

Ellen Pompeo is the main star of Grey’s Anatomy to which she has played Meredith Gray since the first season. In an interview for the Entertainment Tonight the actress revealed that she and Shonda Rhimes talked about the possibility of her leaving the series before its official finale.

“Shonda and I, I think – we’ll see, we’ll see. Let’s keep trying to reinvent the show is the challenge right now.”

Pompeo also noted that the medical drama’s effect on audiences is what kept it going for so long.

“The show speaks to a lot of people, and young people love the show. It has inspired so many generations of healthcare professionals, so I think for young people, it’s really good content. Let’s try to keep going for young people, not necessarily with me, but keep going beyond me.”

When asked who the next protagonist would be, Pompeo replied, “We’ll find someone, or maybe we won’t.”

Grey’s Anatomy follows the lives of patients, inmates, residents and surgeons at the fictional Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital. The series can be watched on the Sony channel and on the Star+ streaming service.

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