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São Paulo closely follows the soap opera of the future of Antony, from Ajax and in negotiation with Manchester United. If the transfer happens, Tricolor will take a hefty sum: it is entitled to 20% of surplus value (profit) from the sale that exceeds 16 million euros (R$ 80.8 million), an agreement agreed upon the player’s departure, in 2020.

In addition, São Paulo has 2.7% more in solidarity mechanism of the total value for being a training club – the calculation was made by Rede do Futebol at the request of the blog.

Ajax turned down 90 million euros (R$ 455.4 million) from United for Antony, but the English still intend to insist and are ready for a new onslaught of 100 million euros (R$ 506 million). That increase of values ​​favors São Paulo, if there is an agreement.

In an eventual scenario of sale for this amount, São Paulo would be entitled to 20% of 84 million euros (425 million), difference between the values ​​of the 2020 sale and the current one. This would give about 16.8 million euros (R$ 85 million).

In addition, São Paulo would take another 2.7 million euros (13.6 million) by solidarity mechanism as a training club, corresponding to 2.7% of the total value of the transfer. In other words, the sum would be 19.5 million euros (R$ 98.6 million).

To give you an idea, the club’s budget for 2022 predicted BRL 142 million in player sales. Gabriel Sara was traded to Norwich, from England, for 9.5 million pounds (about R$ 60 million).

Faced with Dutch resistance, Antony publicly spoke of his desire to leave, in an interview with journalist Fabrizio Romano. The pressure will continue in this final stretch of the transfer window, whose closing in England is next Thursday (day 1).

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