How to pay the 10% cheaper electric bill?

Created in 2002 by the Federal Government, the Electricity Social Tariff was created with the aim of offering discounts on 10% up until 65% on the electricity bill. The program is aimed at low-income, quilombola and indigenous families.

One of the main requirements to be covered by the Electric Energy Social Tariff is to have the family registered in CadÚnico (Cadastro Único) for social programs with updated data.

Who is entitled?

See, below, the citizens who can have the Social Electricity Tariff discount:

  • BPC Beneficiaries (Continued Payment Benefit);
  • Elderly aged 65 years and over;
  • Families enrolled in CadÚnico;
  • People who have a monthly family income equal to or less than half a minimum wage per person;
  • People who have a gross monthly income of up to three minimum wages (R$ 3,363), having a family member with a disease or a serious disability requiring permanent use of electrical appliances for treatment.

How to register

To register, the family responsible (over 16 years old) must go to an energy distributor agency in their state, with the RG, CPF and consumer unit code in hand. It will also be necessary to inform the NIS (Social Identification Number), which can be acquired when registering at CadÚnico.

For families that have a member who must use electronic devices to help with health care, a medical report will be required.

However, as of next year, enrollment will take place automatically, according to data from CadÚnico and INSS.


Variations from 10% to 65% off are calculated as follows:

  • Quilombolas that consume up to 50 kWh/month – 100% discount;
  • Up to 30 kWh/month – 65% discount;
  • From 31 kWh/month to 100 kWh/month – 40% discount;
  • From 101 kWh/month to 220 kWh/month – 10% off;
  • From 221 kWh/month – no discount is offered.

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