How to Take Screenshot by Touching the Back of iPhone

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Posts circulating on social media claim to have discovered a “secret button on the iPhone”. In addition to the side buttons, which increase or decrease the volume or turn off the screen, there would also be another one, hidden in the back of the device.

It’s the classic little apple: in addition to an embossed detail, it can also activate smartphone functions, such as taking a print screen, for example. You can see the theory in action in the video below.

First-time users, especially, can marvel at the new discovery. The thing is, this secret button doesn’t exactly have to do with the apple detail. It is possible, after all, to activate the same function by touching different points on the back of the iPhone. This gives new ways to interact with the smartphone.

By the way, this is a function that has been around since the iPhone 8 — with the iOS 14 operating system. See below how to activate the “touch back” function on the iPhone.

Step by step

First, enter the “Accessibility” menu. Then go to “Tap” and “Tap Back” — “back tap”, if your iPhone is in English. Then, just select the “Screen Capture” function.

There are two different options: you can activate it with two (“Twice Tap”) or three taps (“Triple Tap”) on the back of the phone. You can also choose both options if you’re not a fan of hard choices.

In addition to printing the screen, you can also use the tap back function to open the Control Center, or activate specific iPhone accessibility actions. Among these features, as described by Apple, are AssistiveTouch, Siri Shortcuts, Magnifier, Reachability and VoiceOver.

The feature usually distinguishes voluntary touches on the back and other unintentional ones, which you make when handling your cell phone. If it is not working, it may be a good idea to remove the protective case from the iPhone, which, when it is too thick, may not detect the touch.

Other ways to take screenshot on iPhone

If you don’t want to activate the “back tap”, here are other ways to print the content of your screen. In all cases, just quickly press the mentioned buttons and release.

Just press the volume up + power button

For iPhones that have Touch ID (that button in the center, just below the screen), the option is to press it together with the power button

For older iPhone models, which still have the on/off switch on the top, not the side, the same scheme applies: press and release together with the Touch ID button

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