“I have to acknowledge”; Tite doesn’t stop at Weverton and Palmeiras left-hander enters the fight for a spot in the World Cup

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Player has been one of the highlights of Abel Ferreira’s team this 2022 season

Photo: César Greco/ Palmeiras
Photo: César Greco/ Palmeiras

The Palmeiras of coach Abel Ferreira continues to make history in national football. This season, Verdão has already taken the trophies of the Campeonato Paulista and the Recopa Sul-Americana to its extensive trophy room. But if it depends on the technical commission and the Alviverde cast, Leila Pereira will have to expand the property so that more trophies reach the gallery.

That’s because Verdão comfortably leads the Brasileirão and is 3 games away from winning its third Copa Libertadores in a row. If last year Raphael Veiga was the one leading the squad, this time another midfielder stole his teammate’s spotlight: Gustavo Scarpa. The shirt 14 is not only in the top scorer phase, but is also one of the leaders of assistance in national football and in the South American continent.

The midfielder’s good moment made coach Tite, who will soon announce the squad for the friendly matches of the Brazilian team against the selections of Tunisia and Ghana, to mention the name of the Palmeiras shirt number 14 in an interview with Gazeta Esportiva last Thursday. fair (25). It is worth remembering that the midfield is a position that the commander has not yet closed and he will be able to give more opportunities in these last games before the World Cup, even more than now he will be able to take up to 26 players to Qatar.

“Straight talk. As the kids say, generation Z. Straight. There is room for Juventus defender Bremer (ex-Atlético-MG). We are following. We are following along, among many others who have already been summoned. There is (right side) Gilberto, from Benfica. The David Neres, who is returning to his best moment. Why are you saying this? Scarpa is playing a lot. As a technician, I have to recognize the great works. Then, choice is part of it, but keeping track of athletes who are playing at a high level is our job. That’s why I like, in terms of transparency, to also speak”, commented Tite.

Scarpa lives his last moments as a Verdão player. With a contract until the end of the year, the midfielder has already warned Leila Pereira that he will not continue at the Football Academy after the end of the contract. Even so, the ace alviverde at the moment has already signed a pre-contract with Nottinghan Forest, from England. The player will embark to their new destination in January.

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