In a report sent to board members, Galo details sales of four athletes

Savarino returned to the North American football league, the MLS
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Savarino returned to the North American football league, the MLS

In search of transparency, Atltico sent a report to the club’s directors explaining the main actions taken by President Srgio Coelho from May to August of this year. In this document, Galo detailed the negotiations involving Savinho, Savarino, Castilho and Z Welisson.

  • Savinho – Sold to Grupo City for a fixed price of 6.5 million euros (about R$33 million), plus the possibility of another six million euros in bonuses related to the player’s performance.
  • Savarino – Negotiated with Real Salt Lake, USA, for 2.5 million dollars (R$ 12.4 million) for 40% of the athlete’s economic rights. Atltico kept 20% in the event of a future sale.
  • Castilho – Sold to Cear, which paid R$9.65 million for 65% of the athlete’s economic rights. The Rooster kept 20% of the rights.
  • Z Welisson – Traded with Fortaleza for R$1.25 million for 75% of the player’s rights. The Rooster continues with 25%.
The document also says that the hiring of coach Cuca took place “in an attempt to recover our best performance”. In a short time, the coach still couldn’t make the athletic react in the Brazilian Championship.

The report cites “weight” acquisitions made in recent months, but does not provide an explanation for each. “We hired four important players to strengthen our team: striker Cristian Pavn, who used to play for Boca Juniors and played in the last World Cup for Argentina; midfielder Pedrinho, who stood out in the Corinthians and he was at Shakhtar Donetsk, from Ukraine; striker Alan Kardec, who played in Chinese football; and defender Jemerson, whose last club was Metz, from France”.

The document has ten pages and mentions other points of alvinegra management in the following areas: communication, legal, social, base category, MRV Arena, compliance and twisted.

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