INSS Service Center 135: see recent changes

INSS Service Center 135: see recent changes made to the service platform and what are the possibilities

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Recently, the INSS applied a series of changes to its telephone service center. Thus, the communication channel, which can be reached by number 135, recently announced changes that seek to simplify the lives of beneficiaries and people who are looking for some service.

Now, it is possible to solve even more questions just by phone, with a much more effective and simplified selection of options! Below, you can find out more about how the INSS Service Center 135 works.

INSS call center 135: see recent changes

Thus, among the main changes to the INSS system is the unification of options. Let’s explain: until now, the person who called the central had to know the difference between Update of registration data and Update of benefit data, for example. These two options that seem to be similar made it difficult to attend.

Now, if you want to change some personal data, whether in registration or benefit, the option is the same. So, you can change the information you need, without worrying about which option to choose. Another change was the option to include, exclude or renew a benefit attorney or legal representatives. This is also done by a single option.

Finally, among other changes in registration, are the updating of bonds and remuneration; income tax data; request for exclusion and reactivation of a payroll loan; issuance of payment not received; withdrawal request; and waiver of benefits. For this and much more, just access the INSS Central by calling 135 and get your service!

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