Instagram will switch to teens; understand the changes

Instagram is tightening policies for users of the social network under the age of 16. The company announced this Thursday (25) that it will display less sensitive content for people within this age group.

Instagram’s move is related to the network’s commitment to giving people more control and being less toxic to teens. Last year, Instagram made contact between adults and young people difficult, for example.

It is worth remembering that Instagram was the target of several criticisms during the disclosure of the Facebook Papers, a set of leaked internal company reports. In them, the company cited, for example, internal research that pointed out that Instagram was toxic to young people, especially girls.

What changes for under 16s

In practice, the main change for new users under the age of 16 is that they will have a sensitive content filter activated by default. So images and related photos will appear less for this audience in the Search, Explore, Hashtags, Pages, Reels, Feed Recommendations and Suggested Accounts tab.

This will make it harder for teens to find sensitive content or potentially harmful or sensitive accounts in Search, Explore, Hashtags, Pages, Reels, Feed Recommendations and Suggested Accounts.

By sensitive content, Instagram refers to sexualized, violent images or images that support the use of drugs – in addition to narcotics, tobacco and alcohol are also included in the list of subjects, as they are considered illegal in Brazil for minors under 18 years of age.

For those who already have an account on the network and are under 16, Instagram informs that it will send notifications to this audience, encouraging them to activate the filter to see less sensitive content.

Instagram will start notifying people under the age of 16 to activate "filter" for sensitive content - Disclosure - Disclosure

Instagram will start notifying people under 16 to turn on “filter” for sensitive content

Image: Disclosure

In short, teens will have two options: standard or less sensitive content.

People over 16 will have the options: less sensitive content, default and more sensitive content.

How to choose sensitive content “filter” on Instagram

  1. Access your profile;

  2. Tap the Settings menu in the upper right corner;

  3. Tap Account;

  4. Tap Sensitive Content Control. There, you can keep the default setting (“Default”) or choose to see more (“More”) or fewer types of sensitive content (“Less”).

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