Learn how to use Google Maps to find your partner and friends

And more than ever our cell phones offer so many features that sometimes we even forget that they were mainly used to make calls. Many applications are created to provide fun, as is the case with games, but there are also those with really important functions. O Google Mapsfor example.

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But did you know that not only it but other apps can allow you to track people? Not everyone is aware of this fact, so let’s talk about it here. They are used to meet the most diverse demands. Many even offer complex functions, like… track cell phones!

A good example of this is Lookout. This is a very useful tool, because with it it is possible for someone not only to track a phone but also to keep it safe from viruses. This, of course, without counting some other options that only the Premium version offers the user.

We can also talk about Pressa here, which is an application that can be used on three devices and maybe even more, as long as the person chooses to pay for it. The bonus is that the user can install it on computers as well. That way, if your phone gets stolen or goes missing, you can access the app elsewhere to find it.

AccuTracking is also another curious application that uses the cell phone’s GPS to locate another device, in addition to offering a very high number of features. If a cell phone has GPS enabled, it can find you.

And we have Find My Device which, as the name implies, is designed to find your phone when it’s lost. This service is associated with Google, so you can use your account with one to sign up for the other.

We can talk about Google Hangouts and Find My Friends, as both applications use Google Maps to carry out their operations. They can check what people are doing or where they are going! No wonder this is something that should be used with common sense, right?

What is important to point out is that the tools mentioned are not for you to monitor people who do not want to be monitored. Most of the options we’ve suggested here require you to have access to another cell phone or, at the very least, get the other person to accept being “watched” temporarily.

After all, it would be irresponsible for easily accessible applications to invade people’s privacy in this way. Therefore, these functions are more recommended for those who have more than one device and do not want to lose any or for those with children. Remember: everything must be within the limits of the law.

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