Náutico coach compares to Palmeiras and cites the only difference

Náutico technician compares Cruzeiro with Palmeiras, points out the only difference

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Cruzeiro took no notice of Náutico, at Independência, and applied a 4-0 rout over the Pernambuco team for the 26th round of the Brasileirão Serie B. After the match, Dado Cavalcanti, Timbu’s coach, did not spare praise for the team’s technical quality. by Paulo Pezzolano. In addition, he praised the work of attracting players done by the current celestial management.

At the press conference, Cavalcanti made a point of emphasizing that he faced the best team in the national competition.

“We faced the strongest team in the championship, I’m not even talking about points, but the strength of the game. A very aggressive game, very intense, is a team that maintains possession and has an absurd recovery. The pressure after losing the ball that Cruzeiro puts on its opponents is very great”, said the Timbu coach.

Cavalcanti was also asked which team in Brazil he considers to have a style of play that is similar to Raposa’s, and the coach did not hesitate and pointed to Palmeiras. But he cited a difference between the two teams. That’s because Paulo Pezzolano’s team, in his view, is more intense, while the São Paulo team has a more reactive organization on the field.

“Today we have some examples in Serie A of teams that manage to print a strong rhythm. Palmeiras is an example, perhaps with a little difference, because Palmeiras plays more reactively, and Cruzeiro, proposing the game”, he compared.

Dado Cavalcanti praised the management of Cruzeiro

Cavalcanti acknowledged all the work carried out by Raposa’s management during the season, stating that it was fantastic.

“Cruzeiro doesn’t have any ace today. Cruzeiro lived on the technical quality of several players who wore this shirt, of several stars, today they don’t have it. The ace is the collective,” he said.

“The setup was decided by the choice of players based on their characteristics, and today Cruzeiro plays an intense game. In exchange, he manages to maintain a qualified game and manages to print a little more intensity. When the opponent starts to fall, Cruzeiro achieves an upward curve. There is the work of the players, the work of Pezzolano, but the work of managing and attracting Cruzeiro for this Series B was fantastic”, added the coach about Cruzeiro.

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