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LG has announced a new and different electronic product: Aero Furniture. In a single device, the consumer finds the functions of an air purifier, a lamp and a wireless charger for cell phones and tablets. The model will be on display at IFA 2022, an electronics fair that will take place between September 2 and 6 in Berlin, Germany. Despite confirmation at the event, information such as price and availability were not revealed.

Aero Furniture works like a small table that can be placed anywhere in the house. That’s because its 360° format tends to facilitate light propagation, connection to nearby gadgets and, above all, the purifier’s reach.

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The LG Aero Furniture has its own lighting and can be controlled by cell phone — Photo: Disclosure/LG

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The company guarantees that it is possible to reduce up to 99.9% of viruses and bacteria around Aero Furniture. This reach occurs through UVNano technology, which was patented by the South Korean company. LG did not disclose the dimensions and range of the equipment.

The flat surface of the object is the place where the user can position the smartphone to charge it. The manufacturer did not disclose the actual power of the device, however, it guaranteed that it will support fast charging for devices such as the iPhone and Galaxy. The lighting part of Aero Furniture has eight adjustment options.

In addition, the LG ThinQ app is also compatible with Aero Furniture, and can be used to configure air purification and lighting settings remotely.

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