Nutico coach praises Cruzeiro and makes comparison with Palmeiras

Dado Cavalcanti made a quest
photo: Tiago Caldas / CNC

Dado Cavalcanti made a point of praising Cruzeiro’s work

After Cruzeiro’s 4-0 victory over Nutico, this Friday (8/26), at Independência, Timbu’s coach, Dado Cavalcanti, praised all the work done by Raposa this season. He highlighted the efficiency of the board in reinforcing the squad, praised Pezzolano’s style of play and made a comparison with the model of Palmeiras.

“We faced the strongest team in the championship, I’m not even talking about points, but offside. A very aggressive game, very intense, a team that maintains possession and has an absurd recovery. ball that Cruzeiro plays against their opponents is very big”, he said.

Asked if any team in Brazil has a style similar to that of cruiseGiven cited the palm trees. “Today we have some examples in Serie A of teams that manage to print a strong rhythm. Palmeiras is an example, perhaps with a little difference, because Palmeiras play more reactively, and Cruzeiro, proposing the game”.

Cruzeiro x Nutico: photos from the match at Independencia for Serie B

The Nutico coach also stressed that the work carried out by Cruzeiro was fantastic this season. “Cruzeiro doesn’t have any ace today. Cruzeiro lived off the technical quality of several players who wore this shirt, of several superstars, today they don’t. The ace is the collective”, he said.

“The setup was made by the choice of players based on their characteristics, and today Cruzeiro plays an intense game. In exchange, it manages to maintain a qualified game and manages to print a little more intensity. When the opponent starts to fall, Cruzeiro manages to There’s an upward curve. There’s the work of the players, the work of Pezzolano, but Cruzeiro’s management and recruiting work for this Series B was fantastic”, added Dado Cavalcanti.

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