Patent Spoils New Notches on iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max

Patent Spoils New Notches on iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max

Image: Patently Apple/Reproduction

For now, nothing is official when it comes to iPhone 14. However, rumors indicate that Apple may (finally) replace the old screen notch of the devices with a hole and pill design.

As simple as the change seems to be, it depends on technological advances – to be able to squeeze multiple sensors into an increasingly smaller space. That’s what a patent registered by Apple points out.

Currently, the notch houses not only a selfie camera, but also an infrared camera, a depth sensor, and a dot projector. In the iPhone 13 line, the notch had already been 20% compared to the previous generation – when the company removed the speaker and microphone from the notch, in addition to adding components used for Face ID, according to the 9To5Mac.

To further reduce the size, Apple may have developed a “light bendable element” for the iPhone 14, to better accommodate the infrared emitter and project light in a specific direction. This allowed to reduce the space used by the components and maximize the screen display area.

according to Patently Applethis “bent light projector” technology can be reused in many other devices such as iMacs, Macbooks and even headphones.

In the case of iPhones, the idea is that the hole in the screen is reserved exclusively for the front camera. The oval and extended notch – resembling a “pill” – will house all the other components.

The expectation is that the new design will only be present on the Pro and Pro Max models. Photos leaked on Twitter, show what the two most expensive models of the iPhone 14 might look like:

The launch of the iPhone 14 generation devices will take place on September 7, at 14:00 (Brasilia time). Also during the Apple event, the company is expected to present the new Apple Watch Series 8 line.

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