Penetras Bons de Bico 2 should really happen, and it will have a very different story from the first

It seems that after 17 years, Good Beak Penetrators will finally get a sequel. The romantic comedy starring Owen Wilson, Rachel McAdams and Vince Vaughntold the story of a couple of friends who crashed into weddings to win over the guests.

Owen recently spoke with Extra TV to promote his new film, Secret Headquarters. During the chat, he revealed that the director of the original film was developing some ideas and with that, the script should be ready soon.

Good Beak Penetrators
Good Beak Penetrates (Disclosure)

Despite the success of the first film, the actor confessed to being nervous about shooting a sequel, for fear of not being able to live up to the expectations of the fans:

“They are working on some things, yes. David Dobkin, the director, I think he’s just started to explore some new ideas. AND Good Beak Penetrators it was one of those movies that we had a lot of fun shooting, and that obviously got a really good response from the audience. So now I’m just hoping that if a second movie does see the light of day, it can at least achieve the same success and audience taste as the first.”

Sequel may not involve weddings, says director

David spoke to USA Today a while ago about production on the sequel, and said that he and Owen had discussed some plot options, and that it possibly wouldn’t include wedding ‘invasions’ again.

Good Beak Penetrators
Good Beak Penetrates (Disclosure)

The filmmaker explained that, despite this being the main theme of the first film, the theme was much more about the maturation of the protagonists than anything, and that he wants to go with the new project in the same direction:

“Owen is talking about letting go of all this bullshit [de invadir casamentos] and kind of go beyond that. […] The whole movie to me is a coming of age story from boys to men, where you go from your primary interests, being sex, to your primary interest, being love. They want to have a deeper connection.”

O first Good Beak Penetrators is available to watch on Telecine Play.

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