Pirates of the Caribbean 6 Brings Back a Key Person in the Success of Jack Sparrow’s Adventures (But It’s Not Johnny Depp) – Movie News

Disney has not yet defined who will star in the next film in the franchise, and rumors remain divided between the original interpreter and Margot Robbie.

It looks like the future of pirates of the caribbean 6 It’s becoming clear little by little. A sign of optimism is that producer Jerry Bruckheimer has just announced the return of a key person in the success of Captain Jack Sparrow’s adventures, but we’ve already said that it’s not Johnny Depp.

The person who returns to Disney’s long-running saga is Ted Elliott, co-writer of the first four films and also creator of the legendary characters – such as Elizabeth (Keira Knightley), Will (Orlando Bloom) and the protagonist, of course. Bruckheimer confirmed the news in an interview with the website. comicbook.com:

I’m really excited, it’s going to be amazing. We are working on the script. One of the original writers, Ted Elliot, is helping to write it. He has great control over the characters.

However, the also producer of the recent Top Gun: Maverick did not want to go into details about the plot or the cast. It is worth remembering that, supposedly, Mickey’s House had two projects in the pipeline: a direct sequel to Salazar’s Revenge (2017), starring Kaya Scodelario and Brenton Thwaites; or a spin-off/reboot starring Margot Robbie.

the future of Pirates of the Caribbean remains open after Depp won the defamation lawsuit he filed against his ex-wife, actress Amber Heard. The actor had been fired from the saga due to allegations of physical and verbal abuse made by Amber since 2017, when the couple announced their separation and started the controversy that would result in this year’s trial.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Disney had other candidates for the role of Jack Sparrow before Johnny Depp

According to various sources, Disney could be offering just over $300 million to bring him back as Jack Sparrow alongside Margot. However, the star himself declared in court that he would not reprise the role even if he received such an amount.

In turn, Ted Elliot has in his curriculum films such as Little Warriors (1998), The Mask of Zorro (1998), Shrek (2001) and The Lone Ranger (2013). In fact, he should have signed the script for Salazar’s Revenge, but Depp’s refusal to face a woman as a villain ended up precipitating his departure. Who took the post was Jeff Nathanson, from Catch Me If You Can (2002).

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