Pluto TV adds three new free channels to its programming

Always looking to bring new content and have a more diverse catalog for its users, Pluto TV, a free streaming service, announced the addition of three more channels to its programming: Quebrando o Tabu, Mistérios Sem Soluções and O Homem que Veio do Céu . All are now available on your platform.

With this, the three novelties join the streaming catalog that already has more than 85 channels curated by more than 185 content partners in the region, including the main television networks, movie studios, distributors and media companies. Its library already contains more than 35,000 hours of content in all genres and for all ages.

Check details of the news:

  • Pluto TV Breaking the Taboo: available on channel 255, it proposes debates on controversial subjects without fear. The content has personality experts giving their views on the most controversial topics.
  • Unsolved Mysteries: tuned to channel 309, it brings together frightening cases and mysteries from history, with details and clues that contributed, or not, to unravel the crimes. Unsolved Mysteries is the channel that will bring out the investigator in you.
  • The Man Who Came From Heaven: available on channel 111 tells the story of a trainee angel who returns to Earth, who along with an ex-policeman helps people. It’s a mix of work and fun.

content diversity

Pluto TV is a platform that in recent months has been adding a series of new channels, in order to add more content to the catalog service. In addition to the diversity in programming, one of the main advantages of the service is that it is free.

Also, streaming is not only available for televisions. The platform can also be accessed and downloaded on mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. It is currently available for download on devices with Android and iOS operating systems.

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