Procon fines Apple BRL 12 million for iPhone without charger

The American multinational, Apple, received a fine of R$ 12.1 million imposed by the Procon of Rio de Janeiro. The consumer protection agency considered the sale of branded cell phones without the charger as an abusive practice. The situation is being seen as a tie-in.

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Many customers have already questioned this type of release, mainly because of the high price paid for the brand’s devices. In the understanding of Procon do Rio, Apple is obliging the customer to purchase a separate item. If the customer refuses to buy the charger, the cell phone will clearly end up useless.

tying sale

Bundling is a business practice prohibited by law. It’s in the Consumer Protection Code. Therefore, it is considered an abusive practice when a company sells a product or service while forcing the consumer to purchase another item.

A lot of people don’t know, but in addition to being prohibited by law, this is one of the most frequent illegalities in commercial establishments and financial institutions. when consumers denounce the practice in question, companies may face legal punishment. In this specific case of Apple, the fine of BRL 12.1 million was imposed on the sale of the iPhone 12 model.

Since 2020, it has been seen that new models are being sold without the essential item, which has already earned the company billions of dollars. Two other models – the iPhone 13 and 14 – can also lead to millionaire fines for the company, which has already been notified. Regarding the iPhone 13, Procon initiated a sanctioning process.

According to him, Apple has a period of 20 days to respond before being fined. Regarding the fine imposed on Apple, the multinational was contacted by Valor Econômico, but preferred not to comment on the matter.

According to the Procon of Rio de Janeiro, the punishment has to happen when the practice is confirmed. This is a way to combat tying in Brazil, which is also carried out by other manufacturers, such as Samsung.

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