Rescue of father and son clinging to cooler goes viral; watch video

Rescue of father and son clinging to cooler goes viral

Rescue of father and son clinging to cooler goes viral

Photo: Reproduction / Social Media

The Boston Police Department’s harbor patrol unit rescued a father and son who were desperately clinging to a cooler after the boat they were on sank in light off the coast of Graves Light in the city’s harbor.

In a post on Facebook, the agents told about the story, which ended up going viral on social networks due to the images of the rescue.

According to local police, the incident was attended to on Wednesday, 24, around 18:35. At the time of the call, the officers were on patrol in the harbor of the “Robert Guiney” and were about eight minutes away.

On approach, officers observed a vessel about 100 meters off the coast of Graves Light and could only see part of the boat bowing above the water. As the officers approached, they noticed a blue object floating in the water, and moments later, they noticed two men floating around, holding a blue cooler.

Police rescued the victims

Police rescued the victims

Photo: Playback/Facebook/Boston Police

The men reported to officers that they were weak and had difficulty keeping their heads above water. The officers rescued the victims by pulling them out of the water onto the police boat.

Later, the men reported that their boat’s engine became tangled in lobster lines and began to fill with water, eventually sinking and causing them to abandon the vessel.

Both victims were rescued by officers and transported to berth 10, where the rescue team was waiting to treat them. The victim’s boat was lifted and towed to Thompson Island. Watch the rescue video below:

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