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Rodrigo de Souza Cardoso, better known as Souza Caveirão. But there are those who remember it mainly for the “crying”. The former striker is the character of a celebration that went down in history, intensified the rivalry between Flamengo and Botafogo and became a “hit” in the stands.

Caveirão’s nickname started when he arrived at Flamengo in 2007, but the history of “chororô” only happened in 2008. On that occasion, Rubro-Negro won the Guanabara Cup over Botafogo, who gave a press conference to show indignation with the refereeing due to the claim of the penalty scored on Fábio Luciano.

Souza made the crying gesture after beating Botafogo in 2008

Souza made the crying gesture after beating Botafogo in 2008

The speech was attended by the then alvinegro coach Cuca, the president at the time Bebeto de Freitas and most of Botafogo’s players. It was at this moment that Souza planned the celebration that lasts until the present day and echoes in the stands with the traditional: “And nobody silences this chororô”.

Souza remakes a ‘crying’ gesture as a provocation to Botafogo — Photo: Globo Esporte

– They had no reason (to complain about the arbitration). The game ended and I went to the restaurant with family and friends. The television was showing their interview. It was very funny. They talked, cried and complained – said Souza, to complete:

– We had a game next week and, in my head, I had to do something different if I scored in that game. I was thinking of something to do. I didn’t speak to anyone. But it was all too fast. Second we concentrate. Fourth was the game at Maracanã (against Cienciano, from Peru, for Libertadores). I scored the goal and made the “cry”.

Flamengo wins, and Souza provokes Botafogo

Flamengo wins, and Souza provokes Botafogo

The celebration gained even more repercussion when Flamengo and Botafogo met in the Carioca final in the same year. Rubro-Negro won, and Léo Moura and Obina provoked their rivals. Fourteen years have passed and, in addition to the stands, other players have continued the rivalry with the gesture on the lawns.

In 2013, Hernane and André Santos. In 2018, Vinícius Júnior. More recently, Gabigol remade the celebration on a few occasions. The last time was in the first round of the Brasileirão, however, the goal was disallowed. The first was in the 2019 Brazilian, at Maracanã, when Flamengo won 3-2.

On a comeback, Flamengo beats Botafogo 3-2, with controversy, provocations and a great goal from Gabigol

On a comeback, Flamengo beats Botafogo 3-2, with controversy, provocations and a great goal from Gabigol

At 27 min of the 1st half - After VAR review, Flamengo's goal against Botafogo is disallowed

At 27 min of the 1st half – After VAR review, Flamengo’s goal against Botafogo is disallowed

– I haven’t played football for five years and today I have a sense of what that gesture represented. It marked and will be eternalized. I’m happy. I’m happy to see the players who wear the Flamengo shirt making a goal against Botafogo doing the ‘chororô’. I’m happy. My son calls me and always talks. He’s very cool.

Marked by his irreverence on the field, Souza regretted the change in football, especially when it came to playing with rivals:

– I think football got a little boring. They are creating a lot of limitations within the field. The player today can no longer take off his shirt, he can no longer celebrate with the crowd. He can no longer make gestures because they say they are encouraging violence. You can’t do anything else and they want to punish everything.

Souza during an interview with Globo Esporte — Photo: Letícia Marques

The former player joked about what it would be like to play these days: “I was going to play, but I would often be suspended”. Despite this, when asked if he would repeat the provocation to Botafogo, Souza did not hesitate: Undoubtedly”.

– Tomorrow will be 2 x 0 for Flamengo. One from Marino. And one from Cebolinha. If they do (the crying), I’ll be grateful.

Rivalry with Botafogo then vs today

– At that time there was a very big rivalry. Botafogo’s team was a team of great quality, and so was ours. We were always in the finals. If I’m not mistaken, we reached three finals in Carioca. And Flamengo won the three titles over Botafogo. It was creating a very big rivalry. Then the ‘chororô’ thing happened and it was marked. They couldn’t beat us.

– But I think the years go by and the rivalry changes, right? In my time it was Botafogo. We always won. In recent years it has been Flamengo and Fluminense. Fluminense has been bothering us. I’ve already told my friends that I can’t wait to catch Fluminense in a final. I want to go cheering. In the final of the Copa do Brasil, I’m hoping to be Flamengo and Fluminense.

– I follow the games. I’m going to Maracanã. The last game I went to was Flamengo and Palmeiras, at Maracanã, which ended 0-0. I took my son to the stands. I like. The fans are calm, they are already used to me there. I go from the North (stadium sector). My son is tied up.

Friendship with former teammates Flamengo

– The cast was really cool. Obina, Léo Moura, Juan, Toró, Diego, Ibson… Boys were good. Everyday was good. We have a group of our own to this day. From that time, the person who lived with me the most was Egídio, who is still active today.

Current player commemoration Flamengo

– A guy I like to see when he scores and who created a gesture of his own is Pedro, I like to see Pedro. He always keeps that celebration of his. I think it’s really cool.

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