Xbox One is the most wanted and sold console on OLX

The search for used consoles has been an outlet to escape the high prices of new video games. Unfortunately, factors such as the high dollar and the chip crisis inflated the price of consoles too much. With that, not everyone is able to get a brand new Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5 out of the box. And that’s where OLX comes in to make gamers with less purchasing power happy.

Through the platform for buying and selling used products, you can purchase video games at more “attractive” prices. Interestingly, the most sought after and best-selling console is not part of the new generation. I’m talking about Xbox onereleased in 2013. Of the new generation video games, the Xbox Series X has become much more sought after in the last month.

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Xbox One is the king of OLX

To give you an idea of ​​how the search for second-hand video games increased, until the month of June, the OLX recorded a 31% increase in sales of that segment. In other words, it’s not because new video games are expensive that people will stop playing.

Xbox One OLX
Example Xbox One ad on OLX

O The most sought after console and also the most sold was the Xbox One. Interestingly, the Xbox 360 (even older) is the second most wanted and sold video game. Sony only appears in the third position with the PlayStation 4. The Nintendo Switch occupies the fourth position.

Speaking of Nintendo, during the month of June, the console Nintendo Wii saw a 63% increase in its sales on the platform. This placed it as the 8th best-selling video game on the list. Another video game that saw a substantial increase in public interest was the Xbox Series X. Compared to the month of May, demand for the Microsoft console increased by 38%.

When we take a look at the prices, we understand why. If you choose to buy a brand new Xbox Series X, you will have to shell out something around R$5,000. At OLX, the average price of this console is R$3,540. That is, a savings of more or less 26%. The same happens with the PlayStation 5, whose price on the platform is around R$ 3,600. But Sony’s next-gen video game hasn’t seen such a huge increase in sales.

Ranking of used video games at OLX

Below you can see the ranking with the 10 most sought after, best selling consoles and also the ones that had the greatest growth in searches and sales.

Most wanted video games

Here we see a predominance of older Microsoft consoles, followed by PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. Highlight for the Xbox Series X that entered the list for the first time.

    1. Xbox one
    2. Xbox 360
    3. Playstation 4
    4. Nintendo Switch
    5. Xbox Series S
    6. Playstation 5
    7. Playstation 2
    8. Playstation 3
    9. Nintendo Wii
    10. Xbox Series X

best selling video games

Now let’s talk about the ones that were actually sold. The list undergoes minor changes, with the Playstation 2 taking the place of the Xbox Series S and the Nintendo Wii jumping to eighth place.

    1. Xbox one
    2. Xbox 360
    3. Playstation 4
    4. Nintendo Switch
    5. Playstation 2
    6. Xbox Series S
    7. Playstation 3
    8. Nintendo Wii
    9. Playstation 5
    10. Xbox Series X

Video games with the highest growth in searches

Now you can see the consoles that have seen growth in searches. The highlight is the Xbox Series X, which saw a growth of 38%.

    1. Xbox Series X – 38%
    2. Nintendo Wii – 36%
    3. Xbox Series S – 30%
    4. PlayStation 2 – 28%
    5. Xbox 360 – 25%
    6. PlayStation 3 – 25%
    7. Xbox One – 24%
    8. Nintendo Switch – 23%
    9. PlayStation 4 – 22%
    10. PlayStation 5 – 22%

Videogames with the highest sales growth

Finally, we come to the devices that had the highest growth in sales compared to the previous month. Impressively the Nintendo Wii was the best seller. Also curious is the fact that Sony consoles do not sell as much. See the list:

    1. Nintendo Wii – 63%
    2. Xbox Series X – 44%
    3. Nintendo Switch – 43%
    4. Xbox Series S – 37%
    5. Xbox 360 – 32%
    6. PlayStation 3 – 32%
    7. Xbox One – 29%
    8. PlayStation 2 – 25%
    9. PlayStation 4 – 18%
    10. PlayStation 5 – 16%

I must say that I am part of that list of people who bought used video games. Is that you? Have you ever purchased a second-hand console? Was it in good shape? Tell us here.

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