10-year-old saves mother from drowning after woman has seizure in pool, and moment is filmed

Recently, an exciting case happened in Oklahoma, United States. 10-year-old Gavin Keeney saved his mother, Lori Keeney, from drowning. The woman had a seizure while swimming in the pool at home, but was luckily saved by the child. The moment was captured by security cameras on site.

The images showed the boy’s quick action. In the record, it is possible to see that he entered the pool and swam towards his mother, realizing that she was feeling sick. After reaching her, he carried Lori to the edge, near the stairs. Then the grandfather arrived to help the boy and help his daughter.

Watch the video below [Atenção! Imagens fortes]:

The video was posted by Lori herself on social media. According to the American, she decided to share the images because of the pride she felt in her son. “One of my worst nightmares came to life this morning. I am very hesitant to share this video. As I’ve shared before, I don’t like people witnessing when I have a seizure so to all my friends and family here… just know it was really, really hard for me to watch as I’ve never seen Gavin in action.”she started.

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“I have security cameras that captured this and I’m just sharing a brief part. Maybe it’s hard for some to watch. Look at my baby saving my life… literally saving my life. Gavin had just gotten out of the pool and was on the porch, that’s when he heard me. He jumped, the dog even tried to get in… he takes me to the stairs and then my dad comes running in“, he explained.

Child Saves Mother (2)
Gavin and Lori Keeney in a photo posted on social media by the woman days before the accident. (Photo: Reproduction / Social Media)

The woman also reassured everyone about her state of health. “I’m fine, I swallowed just a little water before Gavin caught me. I can’t believe I just said that. I can’t believe I’m typing this. I believe what I saw in Gavin, my little hero. I just can’t believe he had to do this and that’s what breaks my heart. Thank you, God, for putting this wonderful human being in my life.”he concluded.

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After the repercussion of the video, Lori was interviewed by Fox News and said that this was not the first time that her son saved her. “About a year and a half ago, I had just had surgery and couldn’t swallow well. I choked on some food and he even tried the Heimlich maneuver.”remembered. “The last thing I really remember is his little arms wrapping around me and trying with all their might, and he said, ‘I’m not strong enough, Mommy.’ He then called 911. He had so much to deal with my health, and he always handles it so well.”she said.

The boy’s heroic act earned him a place of honor in the Kingston, Oklahoma Police Department. “Due to this young man’s quick actions, his mother did not swallow water and is still alive. Thank you Gavin, you are a true hero and a positive light for this community.”said the publication of the organ on the recognition of the boy.

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