4 apps to block unknown calls and put an end to the hassle

Receiving phone calls around the clock gets in the way of any activity, especially when you’re waiting for an important message. So, there is nothing more frustrating than answering in a hurry and watching the signal of the telemarketing. Fortunately, there are applications that have the function of automatically blocking these contacts.

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Anatel’s Resolution

Recently, the National Telephony Agency (Anatel), responsible for supervising actions involving communications, created a mechanism to quickly identify calls from call centers. Therefore, it is easy to check suspicious numbers, however, the blocking must occur manually and not all SPAM are effectively flagged.

Discover apps that block suspicious calls

1- Whoscall

It can be used on iOS or Android devices at no cost to download, but offering in-app purchases. In addition to checking who made the call, it points out if there are risks of a scam and the blocking options are: international, private and other categories.

2- Truecaller

Also compatible with android and iOS, manages to block SMS, reducing the chances of receiving a virus. It can detect fraud, store data and just like the previous model, it has most of the free tools and offers additional purchases. If you change your cell phone, the platform performs the backup on a drive.

3- CallApp

Only available for Android devices, it has the advantage of gathering statistics on how many suspicious calls were made and the number of blocked numbers. In the paid version, you can record calls at any time, with no time limit.

4- Call Blocker

It can also be used on Android and iOS systems, forwarding warnings about the numbers, which are analyzed by the user himself. There is a space that accepts complaints and comments taking into account the experience of other people. It is also free, but it has features that are only released upon payment.

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