5 news that rocked (27/08)

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Grêmio is experiencing a crisis in the Brasileirão Serie B. After all, Tricolor Gaúcho reached its third game without a win after losing to Ituano 1-0 this Friday (26), at the Arena. Thus, with 44 points, the team can lose the third place to Vasco, if the Cariocas defeat Bahia in Salvador this Sunday (28), at 16:00 (Brasilia time).

The difference to fifth place, which reached 10 points before the defeat to CRB that marked the end of their 17-game unbeaten run, dropped to five. In this way, Londrina has 38 points and is the first outside the G4. Read now the latest from Grêmio that rocked today.

Roger Machado receives support from the president of Grêmio

Even though Grêmio fans chorused for Roger’s departure and Renato Gaúcho’s return, president Romildo Bolzan Jr reinforced his confidence in the Grêmio coach for the sequel to the Brasileirão Série B. come back on top. I know where the teams are that have changed coaches several times. I know what happened to Grêmio last year. It can be more painful, but we have to understand that the process is enough for the return”, said the tricolor representative, in a press conference after the defeat to Ituano.

Grêmio coach manifests after protests

In the post-match interview, Roger Machado said he was naturally accepting of criticism from fans. “Fans have the right to protest in their own way, as long as they don’t have violence. It is part of the profession. In other stadiums in Serie B, due to instability, it also occurred. It’s part of the process. At 0x0, the fan tried to help us. But today, little has gone wrong. There’s nothing wrong with the fan’s demonstration”, declared the Grêmio coach.

Edilson defends Roger Machado

In an interview with reporters shortly after the end of the match, right-back Edilson expressed his support for the Grêmio coach. “We are all together. Everyone has to bear the weight. We are with Roger, with the board and with the fans. This is not the time to generate distrust. We are upset too. We have a crowd that is used to winning. We are going through a difficult time, but we will get access”, said the defender, who also spoke in a demanding tone when referring to the athletes. “We have to take responsibility. If you don’t want to, you have to take your things and leave”, fired Edilson. Watch the video made by the journalist from fans.comEduardo Caspary.

Farid’s Revolt with Roger Machado

Against the board and athletes, Farid Germano Filho demanded the resignation of Grêmio’s coach in his post-game live, from the Arena cabin. The journalist identified with the club considered the performance against Ituano the worst of the team’s year. “Put the coach out today. It’s not tomorrow. Against Criciúma, they already have another coach”, shouted Farid, who also criticized the individual performances of Campaz, Guilherme and goalkeeper Brenno.

Conversations for maintenance of Biel

As determined by reporter Wilson Pimentel for the fans.com, Grêmio started to discuss with Fluminense the permanence of Gabriel Teixeira, known as Biel, for next year. Thus, the striker is on loan from Tricolor das Laranjeiras until the end of the year. President Romildo Bolzan Jr has been holding talks with the 21-year-old to discuss his future at the club. According to the report by fans.com, the value of Biel is two million dollars (about R$ 10 million). Fluminense owns 60% of the player’s rights, with 10% belonging to the athlete and 30% to investors.

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