Abel Ferreira ‘peace and love’ flees from confusion at Maracanã

Abel Ferreira wants to enter a new ‘peace and love’ phase. The coach got annoyed during the press conference he gave yesterday (27), after Palmeiras’ 1-1 draw against Fluminense, but then calmed down and fled from confusion at Maracanã.

The coach has been at the center of a great deal of controversy in recent weeks, since he exchanged public barbs with Cuca and was criticized by Jorginho. Last week, however, he chose to steer clear of his reputation as a tough guy and held a rare press conference in which he spoke openly about his competitive spirit. Yesterday he made another gesture in that direction.

There was no shortage of possible triggers to annoy Abel at the Maracanã, but apparently he only got annoyed with one. Starting on the field, where the nerves of both teams were on edge: members of the two technical commissions had a disagreement after the tricolor goal and there was also a heated discussion in the tunnel that leads to the dressing rooms, but Abel kept out of the commotion.

Afterwards, however, he was immediately annoyed by the second question he heard at the press conference. Asked about a supposed “bracket” adopted against Flu and that Palmeiras might not have many ways to play, he answered directly.

“We have different ways of playing, we are a team that scores a lot of goals. If you can see the statistics of our team, which team has the most goals?”, he asked, in the direction of the person who had asked the question. “Who? Palmeiras. Yes, Palmeiras. Which team suffers the least?”, he asked again. When he heard that it was Palmeiras, he hit back. “Ah, so. That’s why we have to attack when we have to attack and defend when we have to defend”, concluded Abel.

He spoke more about Flu than about Palmeiras

Frequently asked about Fluminense’s style of play with Fernando Diniz, Abel did not hide a certain discomfort. “I’m here to talk about my team and the game. This is something for Diniz to talk about”, he replied.

The sentence could be interpreted as harshness if the answer ended there, short, but Abe Ferreira went ahead and made his comments about the opponent. In the end, he talked about it even though he gave a sign that he wouldn’t like it. He was still asked about the Flo in two other questions, but he answered normally without changing his tone.

Everything under control

Diniz was in the discussion that marked the half-time of the match, but Abel did not appear in the images of the transmission. When talking about the matter at the press conference, the technician from Palmeiras reduced what had happened and tried to inaugurate a new phase: the calm Abel Ferreira.

“I’ve been controlling myself, I’m calm, I haven’t received a yellow card for a long time. Being calm and calm is one of my goals”, began the Portuguese coach. He spent the last three rounds of the Brasileirão hanging, but got yellow against Atlético-MG, in Libertadores, on the last day 10.

“I have said several times that emotions are experienced differently here, the mentality is different. [no túnel do Maracanã]but it’s football stuff and it’s gone”, concluded Abel.

He and Palmeiras try to keep their mental balance on Tuesday (30), in the first leg of the Libertadores semifinals against Athletico, at Arena da Baixada.

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