CDB with daily liquidity surprises and pays 102% of CDI from R$ 20

Digital accounts became one of the most discussed topics on the networks after the Nubank announced changes in the NuConta. Since July, the service’s profitability continues to be 100% of the CDI, but with the remuneration appearing in the balance only after the 30th day of investment.

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Who also changed the yield was the PicPay, whose yield increased from 105% to 102% of CDI for balances invested in Bank Deposit Certificates (CDB). Both, however, are superior to the profitability of the Savings accountwhich, even with the Selic at 13.75%, currently offers a return of only 6.17% per year.

Faced with this scenario, many people are reorganizing their financial goals and opting for accounts that guarantee good profitability, but with daily liquidity.

Digital account offering daily liquidity and yield of 102% of CDI

O C6 Bank announced the daily liquidity service with a return of 102% of the CDI for those who invest in CDBs from the digital bank. The minimum value of the applications also draws attention: from R$ 20.

Furthermore, in the application fintech It is also possible to find other CBD options, such as post-fixes, which follow some indicator. Whoever leaves the money invested for 4 years can earn 116% of the CDI.

There are also prefixed CDBs, whose profitability is defined at the time of application. Its duration is one year and the yield is 14.6% for 12 months.

CBD Popularity

The pie that is fixed income brings in its share the CDBs, which are a popular alternative in terms of investments. Basically, it works as a practical way of lending money to financial institutions that then return the amount in the future plus pre-established remuneration and interest.

One of the positive points is that the product is protected by the Credit Guarantee Fund (FGC), responsible for covering investments of up to R$ 250 thousand per CPF.

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